Saturday, July 20th, 2019

The next motivational speaker will be the captain of the Titanic


Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell was in Wisconsin the other day giving a pep talk to local Democrats:

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell told Wisconsin Democrats on Saturday night to “get on the stick” and give a clear message to voters as the election season begins in earnest.

“Folks, we’ve got to start yelling loudly. We can’t let the tea party be the only voices America hears,” Rendell said during the Democratic Party’s Founders’ Day Gala at the Italian Community Center.

Rendell called Republicans hypocrites for their attacks on health care reform and he chided Republican congressmen who voted against the stimulus measure but appeared at groundbreaking ceremonies for projects bankrolled by stimulus cash.

“People hate hypocrisy. They hate being lied to,” he said.

Rendell’s fiery address stirred Democratic Party stalwarts who are bracing for midterm congressional elections this fall, as well as races for key state offices.

“I don’t hear any worry in this room,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said in an interview.

Alfred E Neuman

Mike Tate, speaking to reporters

Governor Rendell giving advice to local Democrats on how to win is like Eric Idle giving advice at the end of the Life of Brian.  Rendell’s party back in Pennsylvania is looking at the situation for Democrats in Wisconsin with envy right now:

A Quinnipiac University survey of Pennsylvania voters released Thursday indicates that the leading GOP candidate, Attorney General Tom Corbett, remains ahead of each of the three top Democratic contenders by double digits in hypothetical general election matchups. The incumbent governor, Democrat Ed Rendell, is term limited and prevented from running for re-election this year.

According to the poll, in the Senate campaign Republican challenger Pat Toomey leads Sen. Arlen Specter 46 percent to 41 percent, with 12 percent undecided. The advantage for Toomey is just inside the poll’s sampling error. Toomey trailed Specter in a Quinnipiac poll released a month ago. The two men have exchanged small leads since last autumn.

Let’s see, Democrats in Pennsylvania are about to lose the office of governor, and it’s likely they will lose a Senate seat as well. But the current governor of Pennsylvania will tell Democrats in other states like Wisconsin how they can win in November.

Maybe next time Governor Doyle could travel to Pennsylvania to explain how to keep a state budget balanced without raising taxes.

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