Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

The running Abrahamson, or don’t call me Shirley


Ann Althouse looks ahead to the next state supreme court race when Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson runs for re-election. She makes a great point:

So who will take on Shirley Abrahamson? I’m not calling for her defeat, please note. I am only saying that, given the Wisconsin voters taste for conservative judges, we deserve top-quality conservative candidates.

One of Ann’s commenters is still a little bit hot under the collar after Tuesday’s result.

I was wondering how you’d handle this election, but based on the post’s snarkiness (intended I’m sure, but if it’s not, you’ve put it in a way as to not offend your overwhelmingly conservative posters), I can see you’ll sit this one out also.

Sitting it out is akin to advocating her defeat.

Yes, being a neutral but interested observer of an election is not allowed. If you’re not for Abrahamson, you’re against her.

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