Monday, August 19th, 2019

The thirty days of taxation


State Senator Ted Kanavas is launching an interesting “public awareness campaign” starting tomorrow. He is going to highlight a different tax increase proposed by Governor Doyle every day. From the press release:

“Governor Doyle and the Democrat’s budget will, on average, raise taxes on a family of four by $1,272 over the biennium. I have traveled around my district and people are simply not hearing enough about these proposals. My April tax awareness campaign will highlight a different tax or fee increase each day of the month to help inform the public of the impending financial disaster if these proposals are passed as is.” stated Kanavas.

Governor Doyle’s Democratic budget will raise taxes on Wisconsinites by nearly $3.0 billion. His budget creates $1.78 billion dollars in tax and fee increases and revenue enhancements and will allow property taxes to rise by $1.2 billion. In addition to the budget, several other proposals have been discussed that would raise taxes on everything from cans of soda to rental cars.

I’m sure Kanavas and his staff won’t have to work too hard to find something everyday. So much the worse for the taxpayers.

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