Monday, August 19th, 2019

The Time is Now to Reform Labor Laws


Over at the MacIver Institute, Brian Fraley offers up two related suggestions to jump start the economy and tackle Wisconsin’s budget problems:

Two simple but fundamental steps to kick start the Wisconsin economy would be to repeal the collective bargaining for public employees and to make Wisconsin a right to work state, giving private sector workers the choice of whether they want to pay union dues in their workplace.

Taxpayer advocates should champion both causes and praise and assist those who work to advance them.

Fraley adds,

Coming off the heels of the most irresponsible, pro-labor union legislative sessions in my lifetime, it’s time for bold moves in Madison. This isn’t about payback, or leveling the playing field. No less than the financial solvency of our state and local governments may depend on these two measures.

The new Governor and Legislature can unleash Wisconsin’s private sector employers and their workers from forced unionism by adopting a right-to-work law, allowing workers the choice to become part of a union, or not.

The alternative is to continue to operate Wisconsin’s state government the way we have for the last several decades and expect different outcomes on the balance sheet.

The end of public sector collective bargaining, and the adoption of the right to work in the private sector are the kinds of fundamental change that will get Wisconsin’s state budget and her economy back on track.

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