Monday, August 26th, 2019

There is no excuse for this behavior


It’s not right when campus leftists shut down speeches, and it’s not right when “our side” does it.

Incensed that the talk was being held in Spanish (English speakers were offered headphones), anti-amnesty activists in the crowd refused to allow Gutiérrez to speak. “U-S-A, U-S-A!” they chanted, while Bass’s staff vainly tried to restore order. Gutiérrez sat quietly nearby, his arms crossed as he looked out into the crowd. Pro-amnesty activists present in the crowd eventually turned on the protesters, trying to drown out their chants with their own. “Si se puede!” they shouted.

Campus police were eventually brought into the auditorium, with one officer reminding the protesters that the meeting was permitted and that “we have enough law enforcement to deal with this if we have to.”

But the disruptions continued even after Gutiérrez took the mic, and the congressman left the room hurriedly before a scheduled Q & A.

I’m not a fan of Rep Luis Gutiérrez (D-Il) either, but not allowing him to speak at this event was not only wrong tactically, it was wrong morally. We can complain about the left doing this to campus speakers all of the time but that does not justify the behavior of the protesters at this event.

The campus police should have arrested each and every one of the protesters that disrupted this event. A little time spent in a holding cell waiting to be bailed out might give a few of them to re-read the First Amendment in their pocket Constitutions they were probably carrying.

National Review has the video.

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