Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

They call that a veto


Eh. Give him credit. At least Mayor Scrima’s following the process and putting himself on record.

Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima vetoed on Friday a decision made on a 12 to three vote by the Common Council to keep him from the water negotiation team as the city speaks with Milwaukee, Oak Creek and Racine.

““Make no mistake about the motivations involved,” Scrima said in his veto memo. “For Milwaukee, this game is more significant than water. It’s about politics.”

Actually, it’s pretty much about water and money. The politics mostly have to do with the mayor’s paranoia.

Speaking of politics, the mayor’s veto starts from behind in this round. He lost on this vote 12-3, and it’ll only take 10 votes to override. This does give the council another opportunity to re-affirm it’s decision to pursue Lake Michigan water.

I understand the point raised about the mayor serving on the negotiating team that it would bring the mayor inside the process, but that’s assuming the mayor is a rational actor in this process. That’s an assumption I’m no longer willing to make.

On the subject of including a representative from the town of Waukesha, let me point out how absurd that would be. Have they committed to paying for part of the infrastructure costs? No. Have they even offered any statement of support for the city’s application, even though it would be in their best interests to do so? No. So why would it be in anyone’s interest to have them in the room?

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