Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

This shouldn’t surprise me


Given how some traffic engineer designed the intersection of 164 and Greenfield/Arcadian avenue, the Jewel-Osco’s days were numbered. (ht: Spring City) To get into the store you would have to drive East on Greenfield past the entrance and make a u-turn across traffic back to the entrance. Inside the clerks were not the most helpful, and the selection wasn’t that great. When I tried to get a replacement Jewel-Osco discount card, the process took over six months before I finally gave up. I think two years ago I said to my wife, “Never again.”

We had high hopes for the “new” Pick N’ Save on Highway 18 just West of 164, only to be disappointed. It was better than the Jewel-Osco store, but not by much. The selection at the store was less than the Pick N’ Save on Sunset, but the Pick N’ Save on Sunset has terrible parking.

Finally, Doreen stumbled on the Pick N’ Save on Greenfield and Moreland. If you haven’t been there, it’s a really nice grocery store, especially the meat department. Very customer friendly, nice selection.

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