Monday, August 19th, 2019

Those damn special interests


Always fun when one of the speech cops get busted breaking one of their own rules. Dan “Peephole” Bice takes a break from reporting gossip on former Journal Sentinel staffers long enough to pass this along:

Made to be broken
Sometimes even the do-gooders find it tough to abide by the state’s many rules.

Common Cause Wisconsin, which is quick to point out others’ shortcomings, recently was stuck with a $25 fine for failing to notify the Government Accountability Board that it was lobbying on a particular bill.

Jay Heck, head of the group, said it was a simple oversight. Common Cause had registered as lobbying on a bill in one legislative house but forgot to do the same with its companion version in the other house.

How’s that for a ticky-tack foul?

I wonder if Jay Heck will call the next offense by someone else, “a simple oversight” and if Bice will call it “a ticky-tack foul?”

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