Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Tom Barrett to get choo-choo trains


Michael Horne at is reporting Congress settled the dispute between Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and City of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett over $91.5 million in federal transportation money.

The City of Milwaukee will receive a 60% share of the long-delayed $91.5 million of Federal Transportation funding. The money would fund a streetcar system in the City, a longtime policy issue for the Barrett administration.

Pat Curley. the chief of staff to Mayor Tom Barrett, said the mayor took the matter to congress last year after County Executive Scott Walker turned down the mayor’s suggestion to split the funds 50%-50%.

Instead, Walker will get 40 per cent for his buses, and Barrett’s 60 per cent will go toward a rail connector system and a brighter future.

Walker’s boneheaded stubbornness cost the county $9.1 million this time!

Unfortunately, the continuing costs of the street car system to be built because of Barrett’s stubborness will cost the taxpayers a lot more than $9.1 million in the long term.

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