Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Tommy tour 2012


We must be nearing the end of the recall process because Tommy! is making a return, according to Dave Blaska:

Word I heard

Tommy Thompson is IN.

Old eminence grise Jim Klauser* is on board. The machine is being reassembled. Thought: Tommy was right when he said he could beat Russ Feingold. Turns out, anyone with a half-decent resume and a healthy bank account could and, in the person of Ron Johnson, did.

My old mentor will have beaucoup de competition in the Republican primary for Herb Kohl’s U.S. Senate seat this time around. He can bring in boatloads of national cash, name I.D. up the wazoo, and residual good will. Question: Will he be outflanked from the Right and if so, by whom?

When we previously discussed Thompson’s possible candidacy, we looked at a PPP poll that put him as the front runner but questioned his chances. I’m still skeptical of a Thompson candidacy in an era where Wisconsin’s Republican Senator Ron Johnson just voted against raising the debt ceiling.

*By the way, is Klauser Warwick or unfaithful Clarence? – JW

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