Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Top shelf only


Madison is trying to discourage panhandling by putting the price of booze out of reach.

The council approved a proposal on Tuesday to ban sales of less than a six pack of beer or malt liquor — with the exception of imports or microbrews — and less than a pint of liquor, and fortified wine.

Alderman Mike Verveer proposed the measure. He said that it’s intended to make it more difficult for alcoholics who panhandle and intimidate people to get liquor.

Conditions will be added to liquor licenses at grocery, convenience and liquor stores when they’re renewed this month.

I forsee a lot of bums switching to imported beer and more aggressive tactics while everyone else suffers. From the Wisconsin State Journal:

Ald. Michael Schumacher, 18th District, also an ALRC member, said the committee plans to come up with a more comprehensive set of recommendations within the next several months to decide whether or not to extend the ban to other parts of the city.

Schumacher has said the ALRC should engage businesses and conduct more research before imposing sweeping conditions.

“We at the ALRC made a commitment to come up with a solution,” Schumacher said. “But we want the industry to be part of that.”

Look for “the industry” to get further screwed.

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