Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Trump’s Obamacare clone


Remind me again why some Republicans were not enthusiastic about Mitt Romney? The health care issue?

Just prior to the Wisconsin primary, I wrote for MacIver:

The most interesting aspect of the Trump plan is call to make Medicaid a block grant program. What the Trump campaign means by block grant is not really a block grant. Elsewhere in the plan, it states, “As we allow the free market to provide insurance coverage opportunities to companies and individuals, we must also make sure that no one slips through the cracks simply because they cannot afford insurance. We must review basic options for Medicaid and work with states to ensure that those who want healthcare coverage can have it.”

If Trump is going to make sure no one is without coverage by reviewing Medicaid options with the states, then it’s not letting the states decide how best to use the Medicaid funds. That’s not a block grant. In addition, if the goal is universal coverage by working with the states and Medicaid, how much is Trump looking to expand Medicaid? Will he try to force an expansion contrary to one of the few stops placed on Obamacare by the Supreme Court?

Unfortunately, we have an answer:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that as president he would use Medicaid to cover poor people who can’t afford private health insurance, and make birth control available without a prescription.

The comments appeared to differ both with what some Republicans have proposed in the past, and — in the case of Medicaid — aspects of Trump’s own policy proposals on his website. Republicans generally opposed the expansion of Medicaid to higher income levels under Obamacare, for example.

Speaking on “The Dr. Oz Show,” Trump said Medicaid, the joint federal-state program for the poor, should be used to help provide health coverage for those who can’t afford to buy plans from private health insurers. The show was taped Wednesday and aired Thursday.

“We have to help them through the Medicaid system,” Trump told Mehmet Oz, the host of a popular daytime television show and a cardiothoracic surgeon at Columbia University Medical Center. “People have said that’s not the right thing to say. But there is a fairly large percentage who can’t afford it.”

A Trump spokesman said that Trump had not proposed an expansion of Medicaid.

“Mr. Trump has been consistent on this issue since he announced his campaign — he believes that Medicaid should be used as a safety net for the poor to ensure that nobody in America falls through the cracks,” Jason Miller, a Trump campaign spokesman, said in an e-mail.

“…Trump had not proposed an expansion of Medicaid.”

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