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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15


  • Panel recommends complaint against Gableman be dropped. My column about Gableman #
  • rt @wclo1230 Panel recommends dismissing case against justice #
  • Watched Frost/Nixon and don't get the big deal out of watching Tony Blair interview a bad Nixon impersonation. #
  • rt @roaring_repub Fascinating how many ppl are beleaguered by modern journalism yet dismayed bloggers don't posses a degree in it. #
  • My son just asked, "Wouldn't it be funny if you were president?" #
  • rt @pdigaudio RT @MelissaTweets: RT @conservatweet: George and Jeb Bush to Hold Rubio Fundraiser: This is great news.. #
  • I wrote 2 columns last night, neither of them on the topic I wanted, and chose to submit one solely on the timing of events. Frustrating. #
  • I wonder if the #Cowboys will even use blitz packages vs. the #Packers or if they'll let Aaron Rodgers fall down a lot by himself. #
  • rt @WISN12News Power Outage In West Allis Leaves Hundreds In Dark: | Many strippers in danger of injury on unlit stages #
  • Aaron Rodgers will look down and see Demarcus Ware on his jersey so many times he'll think his name changed. #
  • rt @seanhackbarth @JimPethokoukis: Larry Summers: Point of stimulus was to boost GDP, not jobs. Now they tell us. #
  • I wonder what I'll be doing during the #Cowboys' second bye week this year. #
  • rt @StB08 Suicide hotlines are overloaded in Wisconsin #
  • Warning #Packers fans now. I just might be an obnxious #Cowboys fan all week long. And then some. #
  • Oh well, #Packers fans. Wait until next week when the #Cowboys come to town. #
  • I thought Green Bay kept this guy because they were tired of dumb interceptions at the end of the game. #
  • rt @Realdebate Winning in Tampa by The Green Bay Packers #worldsthinnestbooks #
  • Pretty embarrassing when the 0-fer team goes for it on 4th down to bury your team. #packers #
  • rt @dandeibert I'm happy because I've just cleared my Sunday schedule for the next 8 weeks. #Packers I'm done with em #
  • rt @tiegsj The #packers are not a good team. That has become painfully clear in the last two weeks. Not good at all. #
  • Some day #Packers fans are going to look back at this game and laugh. #
  • rt @FakeDanSnyder Told you we would outscore the Capitals output from last night!!! No, I think I had the Caps actually. #
  • As a #Cowboys fan and a Catholic, I light a candle every week for Dan Snyder. #
  • rt @620wtmj 620wtmj Larry McCarren: "Packers are in front, but this has got a bad feel to it." #
  • rt kevinbinversie RT @Yousefzadeh: My God, how the Bears suck. | #bearsstillsuck #
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