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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22


  • I came, I saw, I had carrot cake. #
  • Finally read the Bice article this morning. Nice to know his career w/ the National Enquirer is still on track, anonymous sources and all. #
  • It's 11:40 PM at night and I actually hear a police siren in Waukesha. Must be a lost Milwaukeean because most of Waukesha is in bed already #
  • I don't mind if liberal bloggers write about me. But they really shouldn't be too chicken shit to let me respond. #
  • Just when I thought life would settle into a dull routine again… #
  • My son's book project is finally finished. I hope I get a better grade this time. #
  • I'm concerned. Newsweek asked me to pose for next week's cover, something about an "action" shot. #
  • Hmmmm… Beer. Four letters that speak the language of love. #
  • Chris needs a new TV set, but can't buy the one he wants in Wisconsin. Learn why: #
  • The only advice that I've seen given to Tom Barrett on how to be different from Doyle is on how to be more liberal. I don't think it'll help #
  • For the record, the closest I get to bowing is when I give the head nod to the beer vendor at Miller Park. #
  • My wife just showed me the usual sympathy after a #Cowboys loss, #
  • I wonder if Tony Romo has a new girlfriend or something. #
  • NO SHUT OUT!!! Go for two! #
  • Is this game over yet? I blame Owen Robinson. #
  • Spies tell me no coverage of Barrett press conference in Green Bay. #
  • I don't think that sounded like the enthusiastic announcement John Nichols' said Barrett needed. #
  • I wonder how many people watched the Lions/Minnesota game instead of the Barrett announcement. #
  • Barrett just waved the damaged hand and said, "Go Packers!" #
  • Would Barrett serve from Milwaukee? Doesn't answer question. #
  • Barrett just said that the problems in Milwaukee are the same as the rest of the state. Oh, that'll sell in the Fox Valley and Mauston. #
  • Barrett just claimed credit for 1600 Republic Airlines jobs. Really? #
  • Barrett running to get Wisconsin's financial house in order. How will he be different than Governor Doyle? #
  • Tom Barrett in. Promises to run with all the enthusiasm Fred Thompson ran for president. #
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