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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26


  • New blog post: Happy Father’s Day: Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in my audience.  Last year I wrote a colum… #
  • Chris Rickert: Hey partisans: Remember your Socrates? – I'm quoted accurately, dammit. #
  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19: New blog post: Is this a case of the police going to milit… #
  • I'm playing "Zombie Pets" with my son. I guess I need more brains. #
  • New blog post: Why can’t we all get along?: Chris Rickert at the Wisconsin State Journal wonders why can’t we al… #
  • Do not kiss your honey when your nose is runny. You make think it's funny, but it's snot. ( I hate summer colds. ) #
  • New blog post: Finally, Doyle’s promise kept: This week at the MacIver Institute I did a comparison of the last … #
  • Should I be concerned that my Facebook Zombie Pets are lining up two-by-two and heading towards an ark? #
  • Mayor Jeff Scrima just told the Waukesha Common Council that he now supports the city's application for Great Lakes Water. #
  • Mayor Scrima said he supported the Common Council's decision to apply for Great Lakes water in response to question from Ald. Skinner. #
  • Once again Mayor Scrima had to be reminded that he has to yield the chair if he is going to participate in debate. #
  • New blog post: Mayor Scrima now supports the city’s water application: City of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima, in re… #
  • Mayor Jeff Scrima's veto was just overridden by the Common Council. #
  • Now that Mayor Jeff Scrima supports the Lake Michigan water application, will his supporters campaign to make his job part time? #
  • New blog post: Keeping the full bench: I haven’t spent too much time on Waukesha School Board member Steve Edlun… #
  • New blog post: When conservatives flunk an IQ test: I can’t imagine which rocket scientist in this group, includ… #
  • Waiting for my kids at swim class. Theirs, not mine. Too bad Autumn has already started. Kids won't be able to use what they have learned. #
  • New blog post: Limiting unions in Illinois: Another liberal Democratic governor is working to limit state employ… #
  • New blog post: What brave business will add this mural?: Over at Too Kool or Just a Fool, the discussion has mov… #
  • New blog post: Experiencing the Darrow difference: So I have this friend who found himself in the market for a n… #
  • Hard day at the scaffold. #
  • Crisis over on Facebook as Zombie Pets goes offline. Wonder what it'll do to Facebook's stock price tomorrow? #
  • Hmmm. According to Mellanie Bauslaugh, Zombie Pets was taken down by Facebook and it's not just a glitch. Not good for Zombie Pets addicts. #
  • Mellanie Bauslaugh says Zombie Pets appealing to Facebook about application being taken down, but their process may take 48 hrs. #
  • New blog post: Congratulations to Jeff Christensen, contest winner: Congratulations to Jeff Christensen, the fif… #
  • New blog post: Council right to override Scrima’s veto: Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Jun 23, 2011… #
  • New blog post: What the world needs: Is a kid with a good eye and a decent pea shooter. The tens of thousands of… #
  • New blog post: Wigderson and his critics: From the Waukesha Freeman Sound Off in this morning’s newspaper: Wigde… #
  • New blog post: Stop your whining: Jay Bullock of the center square and “folkbum” infamy has a blog post, “Why I … #
  • Just a sad weekend at the Wigdersons as we prepare to say goodbye to our 16 year old dog Bogart. #
  • New blog post: A thought for today: The Kingdom of the Lion THE BEASTS of the field and forest had a Lion as the… #
  • New blog post: Ten ways the budget could be better: The MacIver Institute says the state budget is better than b… #
  • Weird. Cops drove by 20 minutes ago with the little spot light going like they were looking for something. #
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