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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07


  • New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31: New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24: New … #
  • New blog post: Welcome home, Nelson: We added another resident to Casa Wigderson today. Meet Nelson: We adopted … #
  • New blog post: Enjoying a cigar on the lake thinking of Kipling: Unfortunately old Rudyard had more access to Cu… #
  • I can see how keeping my dog Nelson on a diet is going to keep me on a diet, too. #
  • EXCLUSIVE: Source Reports Wisconsin Jobs Now! Engages in Illegal Election Behavior – #
  • Free BBQ and Prizes for Voters Raise Questions of Legality, Collusion via #
  • Combination of free food, rides to vote raises questions – JSOnline #
  • New blog post: Tommy tour 2012: We must be nearing the end of the recall process because Tommy! is making a retu… #
  • I was contemplating a drug habit just so I could enjoy the peace and quiet of rehab, but then I found out about the meetings. #
  • Great. Someone's cat has decided to hang out in my yard. I have two dogs that can turn it into a tennis racket. #
  • What the hell is Vegan butter? Never mind. I really, really don't want to know. #
  • New blog post: Quote of the day: I hope we win these recalls, because it seems to me we just lost the presidency… #
  • New blog post: Playing to stereotype: By the way, if a white conservative politician offered free barbecue ribs … #
  • New blog post: Another victory for free speech: Wisconsin Right to Life won another victory for our First Amendm… #
  • New blog post: Pasch web tangles some more: So what do we know? We know that Wisconsin Jobs Now! was running a p… #
  • New blog post: What shall we call the Pasch scandal?: Given what we now know about the ethical cloud surrounding… #
  • Took my new Siberian Husky Nelson for a walk tonight. He could pull a sleigh alright – with all of the reindeer and Santa on board. #
  • New blog post: Some rather unhinged leftys running around: I checked to see who mentioned me on Twitter (’cause … #
  • New blog post: Jumping the sh…: I have not been a fan of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “Politifact” since it … #
  • New blog post: WITI-TV report on Pasch emails: #
  • New blog post: Protesting the state fair: It isn’t just the protesting. It’s the mob-rule tactics of trying to d… #
  • New blog post: Dems using recalls to try to regain Senate: Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Aug 4, 20… #
  • I can't help it. I want Plankton to win every time. #
  • I thought there was supposed to be a Common Council meeting tonight. I'm watching announcements on TV25. Closed session? #
  • Yep, they were, and they're back now. What'd I miss? #
  • I forget. Why does Waukesha own a cemetery again? #
  • Does a natural burial include bio-degradable headstones? #waukeshacemeteryquestions #
  • You know, Alderman Vitale is gone now. We can sell the cemetery. #waukeshacemeteryquestions #
  • What kind of dog likes taking a bath? A shampoodle. #
  • My son was telling me that joke while the Common Council was screwing up traffic somewhere near Carroll it sounded like. #
  • Shouldn't the downtown alderman have a firm opinion on Friday Night Live downtown? By the way, what's "too successful?" #
  • That was the least-clarified clarification of a motion I have ever heard, and I can't even blame the mayor for it. #
  • At this point, is there a motion on the floor? #
  • Actually, kinda nice to see the aldermen re-assert control over Friday Night Live again. #
  • Who does Ald Eric Payne have in mind ? Why not get the best candidate for city administrator? #
  • Does Ald. Payne really want Jeff Scrima doing the hiring alone? Really? What dope is he smoking and will he share? #
  • Off to camp soon. I have my snake bite medicine all packed. "Here snake, come here snake…" #
  • New blog post: Ribscam whistle-blower?: Media Trackers is claiming that an anonymous source with first-hand know… #
  • New blog post: Clark House: State Representative Fred Clark (D) who is taking on State Senator Luther Olsen in T… #
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