Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Van Hollen campaign gets out the big gun


The JB Van Hollen campaign for state attorney general announced today an endorsement by the National Rifle Association.

Waukesha District Attorney Paul Bucher pushed for modifications in the proposed concealed-carry law he felt was necessary to protect police officers. That probably prevented the NRA from co-endorsing him. Sometimes principles get in the way of good politics.

I try to avoid getting into the whole who-endorsed-who subject as endorsements rarely mean anything, especially those from individual politicians. It’s also why I’ve stopped doing formal endorsements (with the exception of Chris Lufter for State Assembly).

However, in this case the NRA endorsement may have an impact, less for the money than the NRA’s seal of approval. Given the resources at hand for the Van Hollen campaign, I suspect that everyone with a hunting license or an NRA membership or belongs to a gun club is about to get a bunch of direct mail and phone calls.

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