Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Walker and the National Guard


The Wisconsin State Journal tries to calm the national guard hype. I suspect it will fall on deaf ears so long as it suits the liberals’ purpose of whipping up hysteria.

On Monday, Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie reiterated that the governor has asked the guard to be prepared only to help out with running the prison system.

There is precedent for such a move. In 2003, after hundreds of prison guards called in sick to protest stalled contracts, then-Employment Relations Secretary Karen Timberlake said Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle might have to activate the Guard to staff the prisons. The measure was ultimately not taken.

I suspect it’s not a simple misunderstanding on the part of people like Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now, but a deliberate campaign of misinformation. If not, I’m sure Ross and other leaders of the left will quickly dispel the misconceptions. After all, Jim Doyle was willing to do the same thing.

But I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.

Update! Here’s more from the MacIver Institute on how this lie got spread in the first place.

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