Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Waukesha roadside rally for Walker


Demonstrators in support of Governor Scott Walker rallied at one of Waukesha’s most busy intersections on Saturday afternoon. Organized by Scott Towne, supporters of Walker gathered on the sidewalks and right-of-ways at Kossow and Highway 18.

The Walker supporters were having a good time at the overwhelmingly positive response from people driving by and honking their horns in support of Walker. When a liberal did drive by and waved the one-finger salute, Walker supporters laughed at them and waved, too. There were no signs of the anger and acrimony that often accompanied left-wing events in support of the recall.

Pro-Walker demonstrators on Hwy 18 & Kossow Road on Saturday June 2nd

Among the Walker supporters were a group of very vocal high school kids who are organizing their fellow students to wear pro-Walker t-shirts to school on Monday at Kettle Moraine High School and Waukesha West.

Local Waukesha-area high school kids join the pro-Walker rally


The only complication for Saturday’s event was when the Waukesha Police Department arrived. The Walker supporters were told the police had received three phone calls about the demonstrators blocking traffic.

Waukesha police responding to false complaints about pedestrians blocking traffic during a pro-Walker demonstration at Hwy 18 & Kossow Rd in Waukesha on Saturday.

In the time I was there I did not see any obstruction of traffic at this very busy intersection but the Walker supporters acquiesced to police requests not to stand next to the traffic lights but to move back to the grass. Since this was a pro-Walker crowd, there was no need for arrests, pepper spray, and hippie chanting of “Hell No We Won’t Go.” Instead, Walker supporters shook the officer’s hand and wished him a good day.

Pro-Walker demonstrators along Hwy 18 on Saturday June 2nd getting support from most motorists passing by

Here’s a proud Walker supporter, Jason, with his military-style truck at the end of the day. The truck certainly attracted attention.

Walker support Jason and his pro-Walker military-style truck

Scott Towne, at the end of the rally today, seemed pleased by the grassroots turnout and the positive response from the passing motorists. Towne was leading the high school kids in pro-Walker chants for part of the afternoon rally.

Scott Towne, the event organizer for Saturday afternoon's grassroots rally in Waukesha for Governor Scott Walker

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