Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

We can stop sending her cigarettes now


Georgia Thompson was freed today by a federal appeals court in Chicago. Thompson, whom I had referred to as the tragic figure in the Doyle scandals, can have her old job back, according to the governor.

So here’s some unanswered questions:
1) If Doyle claims she’s vindicated now, then why was she “acting alone” earlier?
2) Does this mean that Doyle’s administration should go back and award the travel contract to Adelman Travel? And if Doyle does, should he return the $20,000 in donations? After all, fair is fair. He was going to keep the money when he cancelled the contract because the process was “tainted.” Now it turns out the process wasn’t tainted, so does that mean the money was?
3) What does this mean for other corruption cases where the defendant did not personally profit?
4) I know the liberal blogs are going to scream Republicans owe Thompson an apology (I don’t believe they do), but shouldn’t Governor Doyle apologize to Thompson as well?

And still unanswered,

And most importantly, why would Georgia Thompson believe that giving the contract to Adelman Travel would please her superiors in the Doyle Administration?

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