Monday, August 19th, 2019

“We did all we could do”


As I write this I have been up nearly 24 hours, give or take two brief unintentional naps on the couch while Lisa Murkowski was talking last night. As much as I still don’t want last night to end, it’s time for bed. I’ll leave it to the copy editors of the Waukesha Freeman to figure out who State Representative Brgszzzz is.

Last night at the Country Springs Hotel at the Walker Victory Party, the over-capacity crowd was just amazing to see. (Memo to Scott Walker: Ever hear of the Waukesha Expo?) I keep joking about this, but you could not find a seat anywhere. If you were meeting someone there, you better have arranged where ahead of time because there was no way to find them. I didn’t start seeing the people I thought I was going to see until half the crowd left.

Two years ago it was a completely different scene. A group of us easily commandeered a table where people came and went while we live-blogged the unfolding disaster. When that ended, I sat and typed my column while legislative staffers figured out who was shortly going to be unemployed.

Such is the power of Fortune’s Wheel.

Shortly after I arrived I bumped into Reince Priebus, chairman of Wisconsin’s Republican Party. He looked exhausted. His voice had taken a beating. And he still had to get to Oshkosh for the Johnson victory party. Priebus presided over the reconstruction of the Republican Party and the successful courting of the Tea Party movement, at least temporarily, by the state GOP. Last night he was finally seeing the fruits of his labors with the unbelievable success of his party. He did not get a chance to talk to me long before the demands on his time pulled him away again, but he told me, “We did all we could do.”

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