Sunday, August 25th, 2019

What a great Christmas Parade in Waukesha


I’ll post some photos later, but congratulations to Waukesha’s Cub Scout Pack 9 from the Hadfield School. Once again the Christmas Parade float finished second in the Community Groups category. (We won first too many years in a row and got bumped up to competing with adults.)

The float this year was “Santa’s Pinewood Derby Car” complete with engine noises, smoke and flames coming from the exhaust. It was a lot of hard work by everyone involved. While I can honestly say “we wuz robbed” to finish second was still a great thrill for the scouts.

What a great event and a great time. I’m always amazed how many people show up for the parade. Almost everyone who is anyone was there, including politicians. Before the parade I had a chance to talk to County Executive Dan Vrakas and State Senator-elect Rich Zipperer. After the parade I ran into Alderman Paul Ybarra after the parade.

Unfortunately I see Mayor Jeff Scrima was not there, nor was he listed in the program. Seriously, considering that this is one of the biggest civic events of the year, if not the biggest, I cannot imagine the schedule conflict that would be sufficient to keep him away.

Thanks again to Vicky Hekkers for playing host to my wife and my daughter while my son and I walked the parade. And thanks to everyone who offered birthday wishes as we walked along.

Now that the parade is over, let the Christmas shopping begin!

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