Sunday, August 18th, 2019

What brave business will add this mural?


Over at Too Kool or Just a Fool, the discussion has moved to the role of the public art committee. Apparently the planned mural for the Couri Insurance building does not rise to the tastes of our local art connoisseurs. One commenter even said it has that “airbrushed on the side of a van” aesthetic.

I confess that it’s not to my taste but Jacques Louis David is not available.

Still, it’s what art on an insurance company building should be: non-controversial and nice. Right?

Playing off a suggestion of mine, Eat Wisconsin suggested a mural subject that would really spark controversy in Waukesha. “Bare breasted mermaids drinking Lake Michigan water wearing custom-made mermaid crocs on their tails hanging out on a closed street downtown!”

I’m betting the Crocs would be the most controversial part. There would be riots in the streets until the Crocs were sufficiently covered to protect the eyes of young children.

But what downtown business would be willing to put it on a wall?

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