Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

What do you mean the story changed?


I write my Waukesha Freeman columns (always worth the fifty cents) on Tuesday to see them run on Thursday. That means anything that happens on Wednesday can really screw me up.

I had two really solid columns that I wanted to do this week. One was on the Great Lakes Water Compact and the other was the possibility of a school tax referendum. With the school board meeting tonight to discuss a possible referendum I went with the less-fun-but-ultimately-more-important Great Lakes Water Compact. After all, the two sides are far apart, the Assembly Republicans are in no hurry, and this mess probably won’t be resolved until June at the earliest. Heck, there was a chance this thing wouldn’t get resolved at all this year. I thought briefly about a comment on the Beijing Olympics, but the American part of the ongoing disaster was occurring when? That’s right. Today, a Wednesday.

So of course while I twiddled my thumbs today Googling every five minutes what was happening out in San Francisco, the governor reached a compromise with the Assembly Republicans. I found out with a call from the newspaper asking me if I wanted to update my column in light of today’s events. Events? What events? They did what? When? Why would they want to do that? Don’t they know it’s Wednesday?

I’d like to remind my readers in Madison that bi-partisanship does not always make good copy even when it achieves good results.

Dammit. I hope they got the corrected version in time.

Update! They did. It’s safe to flip past the comics and your horoscope tomorrow directly to the Opinion Page.

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