Friday, August 23rd, 2019

When Doyle was Pharoah


I miss 2006.  That was the year when Democrats didn’t mind governors asserting control over their own administrations.

In 2006, Governor Jim Doyle (D for Dem) announced that his administration would simply stop enforcing the minimum mark-up law for ethanol. Doyle didn’t wait for the legislature to pass a law or anything like that.  He just announced, “So let it be written, so it shall be done.”  (Yeah, I picked a bald actor quote for Doyle.  I’m clever that way.)

A few years later, Governor Scott Walker (R-not a Dem) decided to ask the legislature for the authority to review any regulation created by the executive branch.  Listening to the Democrats, you would think Walker called out the National Guard to arrest all the bureaucrats and shoot them.  Walker is actually doing something novel and asking the legislature for the authority, and in doing so is making himself accountable for what his administration does.

Meanwhile, the legislature will still have the power to also review regulations.

I know it’s a shocking new concept for Democrats, but having officials who were actually elected decide how we should be governed is far preferable than having these decisions made by people who are generally unaccountable.  Governor Jim Doyle finally understood the concept when he vetoed legislation that would have removed the governor’s authority to appoint the DNR Secretary.

In the meantime, Democrats, stop your whining.  None of us heard a peep out of you when Doyle made his little ethanol decision even though it was very questionable, so why should you even begin to question Walker’s desire to seek the lawful authority to merely review regulations created by agencies under his authority?

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