Monday, August 19th, 2019

Where’s the shame at the Journal Sentinel?


Eugene Kane asks “Where is the shame in the blogosphere?” because Jessica McBride aimed a low blow at Bill Christofferson*. What Kane does not mention is that his newspaper, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, took the cheap shot first by reporting on the incident in Christofferson’s family even though it was not newsworthy, and the newspaper gratuitously added irrelevant details about a credit card and the mug shot.

Most fair-minded folks would leave politics out of it and respect one family’s personal pain and privacy.

Apparently they don’t write for the Journal Sentinel.

Did Jessica take a cheap shot? Maybe. Maybe Kane should ask his editors why they took it.

This is the person the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has teaching young students how to become ‘respectable’ journalists?

Maybe she’s teaching them how to write at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

*And if you think I’m refereeing that fight, you’re crazy.

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