Monday, August 19th, 2019

Who is out of touch?


Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate took a moment from his busy schedule of talking to Democratic candidates for governor to suggest Republican Congressmen Tom Petri and Paul Ryan might be “out of touch” with their constituents.

Last November voters in the 1st and 6th Congressional Districts voted to change the direction that the United States was headed. Instead of supporting the failed policies of the past and continuing to neglect those in need, voters in both districts helped elect President Obama with a mandate to get our country back on track. Congressmen Petri and Ryan’s vote against the Affordable Health Care for America Act on Saturday highlights the growing divide between their stance on the issues and what their constituents want.

Last I checked, both candidates won with 64% of the vote in last year’s election. President Obama only received 51.4% of the vote in Ryan’s district and 49.9% in Petri’s district. So perhaps what Tate meant to say was that, given how much more in tune Petri and Ryan are with their districts than President Obama, perhaps President Obama should be listening to Petri and Ryan on what their constituents want.

By the way, Tate, how’s that candidate recruitment going?

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