Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Who is race baiting?


If you haven’t seen this video from the MacIver Institute, you need to.  Milwaukee County Supervisors Chris Larson and John Weishan both go for below-the-belt attacks on Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.  Look for these attacks to be echoed next year during the race for governor.

Larson actually accuses Walker of trying to “run the county into the ground.” Seriously. Which ground is he trying to run it into? The ground where the pension scandal nearly buried the county? Or the empty ground that will be abandoned by families and businesses when taxes keep going up to feed the public employee unions?

But that pales in comparison to the outrageous Weishan claiming that “the county executive has had the undertone of race in this entire budget” and then claimed Walker was “race-baiting” with his proposed cuts of the community centers. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel picks up on other supervisors echoing that sentiment as well. They claim that CRG’s efforts to organize opposition to county spending above a zero percent levy increase is somehow racist.

The charge is of course duly reported but not substantiated by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. That’s because the only ‘race-baiting” going on is by members of the Milwaukee County Board, starting when Chairman Lee Holloway compared Walker to David Duke. This attempt to stir racial anger over serious and legitimate policy disagreements only cheapens the meaning of “racism,” something supposed progressives should be actively condemning rather than enabling. The reporter, Steve Schultze, should have challenged the supervisors to give specific examples of racism rather than just repeat the outrageous unsubstantiated slanders.

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