Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Why is the media hiding the Democratic State Senators?


The Democratic State Senators that fled Wisconsin rather than actually participate in the democratic process of the state legislature have been able to make statement after statement from “undisclosed locations” in Illinois without too much difficulty. My question for the media is why is it acceptable for you to conduct these interviews without saying where the Senators are? Since that is the big question your viewers and readers are asking, how is it this very newsworthy information can somehow be skipped? By not disclosing their location, aren’t you being complicit in their running from their lawful responsibilities here in Wisconsin?

As it turns out, the media is not even exposing the Senators’ locations even after they’re discovered. Tuesday night, Senator Mark Miller’s undisclosed location where he gave a (rather uninspiring) response to Governor Scott Walker’s “fireside chat” was actually discovered by a member of the Tea Party.

Despite the cover of the safe house being blown, the media outlets that covered Miller’s comments still did not say where Miller was.

Don’t taxpayers have a right to know where their wayward Senators have run off to?

Why is it the press was more interested in where South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford spent his vacation than where these State Senators are hiding when they are fugitives from the state patrol in Wisconsin?

There is something really disturbing about the major media outlets being accomplices of the Democrats in this, and they should explain to the public why they are withholding information.

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