Monday, August 26th, 2019

Wiesmueller letter a new low


Note: This is my wife Doreen’s response to Chris Wiesmueller’s letter to the editor that appeared in the Waukesha Freeman on Tuesday. Doreen’s letter was published today in the Waukesha Freeman. The newspaper also published a correction today correcting Wiesmueller’s statement that my wife is “uninterested in local politics.” My own comment on Wiesmueller’s letter, and the political culture under Mayor Jeff Scrima, appears in tomorrow’s Waukesha Freeman.

Wiesmueller letter a disturbing low

To the editor, I would like the opportunity to respond directly to the letter from Chris Wiesmueller.

1.) Mr. Wiesmueller needs to check his facts. I have, in fact, voted in local Waukesha elections since the year 2000. Since he couldn’t be trusted to get the facts right during his run for city attorney, The Waukesha Freeman should have factchecked his letter.

2.) I am a homeowner and have the right to post signage regarding my individual support on my property. I am a private citizen and my opinions do not reflect those of my husband. I have the right to support any candidate I choose to without my husband’s consent or knowledge. Just because I support one candidate does not imply that he supports the same.

3.) I do not appreciate the fact that Mr. Wiesmueller bragged about stalking my home, which resides on a non-through street and brags about that in the paper. I would hope that The Freeman does not endorse stalking and harassment.

4.) I am angry that Mr. Wiesmueller and The Freeman would post my home address in the sound off and put my minor children at risk. This only encourages more bullying and harassment of my family.

I am glad that Mr. Chris Wiesmueller did not win in the primary election. From the letter, it is clear that he is not a person that checks his facts but resorts to personal attacks. That is not someone we should have in an elected office. I have asked The Freeman for a correction to be run pointing out his error.

The Freeman owes me a personal apology for condoning stalking and running a letter that has no relevance to any Freeman column my husband wrote. The Freeman should have referred him directly to James’ email address for commentary or he could have commented on my husband’s blog directly.

These personal attacks are just a smoke screen to draw attention from the mayor and his antics. If you can provide evidence that my husband’s claims against the record of the mayor are false, then do so. If you can’t and have to resort to personal attacks against someone’s family or children, then who really is the bully here?

Shame on you, Mr. Wiesmueller. Shame on The Freeman for allowing such nonsense!

Doreen Wigderson


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