Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Wigderson and his critics


Just got around to reading this anonymous letter that was sent to the Waukesha Freeman. It was postmarked New York, New York on April 2nd, and it came on Unicef stationery. The giraffe and the pyramids on the front of the card were nice. It’s definitely a woman’s handwriting and choice of card. It was in response to the column that appeared after the city of Waukesha’s mayoral election. She thoughtfully included a portion of the column so I knew to which article she was referring.

The letter as it was written without corrections:

Mr. Wigderson,

Your article was the most discusting article I ever read. Did you get rid of some of your venom? I hope so!

We heard enough lies from Mr. Reilly both about Mr. Scrima and the lies of what he was going to do for Waukesha that it made me sad & disusted.

Did o you think about how Jeff Scrima felt and his family after reading your article?

I do believe in the boomerang theory. You will get back the cruelty that you write.

As I said, no return address, no name, no phone number. Just a New York postmark.

Did I think of the ex-mayor and his family? Yes, and his friends, and his 20-year-old girlfriend who was part of his campaign, too. I wrote in that column,

I realize that losing is hard. Scrima had to know he could lose this election and he should have mentally prepared himself to deal with the necessary rituals. If he was just incapable of that, then his supporters that really know him were doing him no favors pushing him into the political arena.
There will be another calling for Scrima, one more suited to his temperament. But I hope, for his sake, this is the last we see of him in politics.

As for his supporters, and the supporters of every candidate that lost Tuesday night, let me offer some advice.

Sometimes the good guys win, but politics is the special province of the goddess Fortuna. The wheel turns and the good guys lose.

Your responsibility now is to get up each day and live the best life you can. Lead by example in your community. Don’t let Tuesday night’s results consume you with bitterness and anger. When politics calls the next time, perhaps Fortuna will smile on you again.

Obviously, the letter writer didn’t follow my advice. Perhaps someday she will think back on the letter she wrote in anger and regret it. Or perhaps someday she’ll at least be mature enough to actually sign her name and own her own venom.

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