Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Wigderson and his critics


From the Waukesha Freeman Sound Off in this morning’s newspaper:


First of all, I can’t believe The Freeman continues to carry Mr. Wigderson’s attempt at journalism. This is an embarrassment to how things were done in the past and I really encourage The Freeman to take a strong look at discontinuing this obviously biased gentleman who can’t seem to do anything but just make snide comments unsupported by facts. Second of all, perhaps it’s because the aldermen have stated that the mayor’s behavior may have resulted in a lawsuit. Well, first of all, that was never supposed to come out of a meeting, so the fact that is being reported as fact rather than rumor, it’s just an embarrassment. And I am just disappointed as a long-term resident that this yahoo continues to have the right to have his very biased and unsupported facts continually printed in the paper in a Thursday edition. You really can’t find anybody that’s qualified to write an opinion page or something with some facts and basis?

First the Scrima supporters were upset that it was a closed-session discussion, now they’re upset that I actually took the time to learn what happened at the meeting and why it happened.

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