Monday, August 19th, 2019

Wigderson and his critics, the conspiracy theorist edition


I really had to think about how to respond to an unhinged rant over at Blogging Blue about me. Oh, I’m used to crazed, foaming-at-the-mouth rants about me, but this one really took the prize.

Apparently there are no limits to their obsessions about me. They’re even willing to promote 9-11 conspiracy theorists, including posting an Alex Jones video, just so they can write,

In our very own cheddarsphere, noted BS artist and local right wing extreme blogger and paid Macgruber propagandist James Wigderson, took time away from the glow of the “its not really working” but that won’t stop the “Americans For even more Koch brothers Prosperity” event in Mordor this weekend to “confirm” with glee that this event happened and in the exact words of Wiggy “One idiot down”.

Not sure if Mordor is Waukesha or West Allis, but you get the point.

A little background: The other day I posted an interview of Chris Kyle on satellite radio where he reluctantly told the story of punching Jesse Ventura in a bar. If you actually listen to the interview, it was someone else that brought the story to the attention of Opie and Anthony, and they had to drag the story out of Kyle.

Then the story seemed to be confirmed on Twitter and I posted accordingly.

Looking at the Twitter feed it looks awfully like what Jesse Ventura would write on Twitter, it’s not intended to embarrass Ventura, and even the “confirmation” of the incident was written like it was written by Ventura. In fact, to not believe that this was Jesse Ventura’s Twitter feed, I would have to believe that someone was willing to shamelessly promote Ventura since April 19, 2011, just for this moment.

Nonetheless, we now have Ventura claiming on Facebook that he does not use Twitter and the incident never occurred. Apparently it’s a Fox News conspiracy, although it was first reported on Opie and Anthony.

So the folks at Blogging Blue, who apparently also believe pro wrestling is real, went ballistic. They even linked to an interview Ventura did on Alex Jones’ show.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jones, he’s a conspiracy theory nut. I would not link to him or put one of his videos on my website – ever. He is one of the most vile, disgusting media creatures out there. I would be ashamed to be associated with any website that promoted his conspiracy theories.

But perhaps the good folks at Blogging Blue like seeing the White House draped with swastikas on their website:

Maybe it appeals to their readership to support the “Truther” movement:

But I have higher standards and I will not link to this garbage. If Blogging Blue wants to criticize me, fine. But if they want to get into the gutter with the conspiracy theorists to do it, shame on them. All of them.

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