Monday, August 26th, 2019

Will Pocan sue Media Trackers?


I was asked earlier today if I thought Democratic State Representative Mark Pocan and his partner Philip Frank will sue Media Trackers over the false claim by Kyle Wood that Frank threatened him in text messages. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t pretend to be one on television, but it seems to me the target for a lawsuit would be Wood, not Media Trackers.

However, Frank is not a public figure, and that makes life a bit more complicated for Media Trackers. Especially when there were so many ways to check the story, including just calling the phone from which the suspicious texts originated.

I know how I would react if someone went after my family like that. If Pocan and Frank hear from attorneys that they have a case, I would be surprised if they did not pursue it.

Somebody last night asked me why someone would fake a story like Wood. I suspect it’s mostly for the attention, and they justify it by saying it’s also a good cause. The Daily Caller has an interesting list of hoaxes, including the infamous Tawana Brawley case.

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