Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Winning the Kolb primary in Waukesha


Brandon Rosner is the winner of the Walter Kolb primary in the 97th Assembly District. From the press release:

Today, Waukesha County Board Vice-Chair and businessman Walter Kolb endorsed Brandon Rosner, a Republican candidate for Wisconsin’s 97th Assembly District.

“Brandon Rosner is the leader that is best equipped to represent the Waukesha area in the State Assembly,” stated Kolb, owner of Wisconsin Ear Mold Company. He continued, “With my small business in the district, I know that Brandon’s private-sector experience sets him apart from other candidates in the race.”

The modest (but mercurial) Kolb does not mention the biggest asset he brings with his endorsement, vital real estate. Kolb just happens to own the strip mall at Pearl Street and Hwy 164, the Les Paul Parkway. Yes, it’s a very nice location for a campaign’s big sign, and Rosner is the only candidate of the six running who has a sign prominently displayed on the property.

Big deal, right?

The strip mall is also the home of the Republican Party in Waukesha. It’s where all the volunteers will go to make phone calls. Everyone picking up a yard sign for Governor Scott Walker will stop in. There will be Republican events and campaign appearances, all at the Republican headquarters.

Every other Republican in Waukesha County gets to put their signs out front, too, as long as they have the Kolb seal of approval. However, none of Rosner’s opponents will have their signs in front of the Republican Party headquarters. When the television cameras show up, it will be Rosner’s sign in the background.

Any candidate that attempts to sneak one onto the grass in the middle of the night will find the sign missing the next day. I think Kolb will have Joe Banske arrested if he tries it.

The good news is for the other candidates, the porn shop City News is almost just across the street and they have plenty of space for campaign yard signs.

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