Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Wow, is this Pope Catholic or what?


habeus papam franciscum
Darn Jesuits. As you may have heard by now, there won’t be a Pope Wiggy. Some guy named Francis. I had such plans for the heretics…

One of the advantages of being Catholic is that, instead of offering an opinion on who should be Pope, we’re more or less left to accept and offer prayers that the Cardinals make the right choice. That said, obviously there was a rooting interest for Cardinal Timothy Dolan. God must have other plans. I suspect the White House, as much as it prays, was hoping Dolan would become Pope, too, if only to get him to move to Rome.

This election of a Pope was not nearly as somber as the last occasion. The last time we were mourning Pope John Paul II. This time Benedict XVI resigned due to age and infirmity so we’re not in mourning.

It was interesting to listen to the speculation regarding the meaning of the name Francis. It was like watching a funeral from the Soviet Union and trying to figure out the significance of who is on the reviewing stand.

What we know of Pope Francis is that he’s a Jesuit, he’s an Argentine, and he’s a humble and faithful man. He’s the first Pope from the New World.

Pope Francis is a stauch defender of the unborn, even believing that politicians that support abortion and euthanasia should be denied Communion. That should make for an interesting visit by American Vice President Joe Biden to the Pope’s inaugural on Tuesday.

He’s committed to ministering to the poor and unfortunate, but he’s not a Liberation Theologian. He is not afraid of conflict with secular authorities over gay marriage and adoption.

He’s not a young man, yet Pope Francis is hoped to be a reformer of the institutions of the Church.

It’s a great moment to be a Catholic. Habemus Papam!

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