Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Yeah, what he said


A commenter over at Too Kool or Just a Fool’s blog explains the difference between a City Administrator in Waukesha and a typical city staff member.

Most City administrators work without direct supervision at City hall. That is why they are called Administrators, which means “administrative manager of a city. There is no need for direct supervision and these morons who keep saying that she needs someone watching her 40 hours a week are clueless. Its not like she is an intern.

If she isn’t doing her job, the Council will find out about it through other employees or through her actions (or lack of preperation) at City meetings. Jeff Scrima cannot be trusted to be the lone person to supervise her given what has happened over the past year. He would be unable to give her an unbiased review. Best case scenerio would be that he submits a review and the council takes his legitamate concerns into consideration when doing their performance evaluation.

I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding about the structure of city government in Waukesha. Part of the blame, of course, falls on past administrations that failed to explain what a radical change it is to have a City Administrator largely independent of the mayor. Because there was a cooperative relationship, there was no need to explain it. Nobody could have anticipated the voters picking someone like Scrima who was both completely ignorant of the way city government worked and was fundamentally incapable of acting like an adult.

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