Monday, August 19th, 2019

You can’t keep your health care plan after all


As we’re getting ready to have another debate about health care in this country, it’s worth taking a look at a couple of candidate Barack Obama’s promises and what really will happen under Obamacare, which I do over at the MacIver Institute.

We all remember candidate Barack Obama’s promise, “There is no doubt that we must preserve what is best about our health care system, and that means allowing Americans who like their doctors and their health care plans to keep them.” Candidate Obama also warned that if a federal health care law was not passed, “premiums will climb higher, benefits will erode further, and the rolls of uninsured will swell to include millions more Americans.”

Unfortunately Americans are learning that the promises of candidate Obama are not matching up to the reality under President ObamaThe effects of the federal health care law may still be in the earliest stages, but we can see where the trend line is going.

Already businesses and insurance companies are reporting health insurance premiums are going up. A recent survey of Milwaukee-based employers indicated that 64% of companies with 100 or more employees are facing insurance premium increases of 2% or more due to the federal health care law. Fourteen percent are reporting the new requirements of the federal health care law will add more than 4%, according to a survey conducted by HCTrends.

Costs for health insurance premiums are going up because of federally mandated increased coverage. Half of those surveyed by HCTrends said federal mandates for “the elimination of lifetime caps, the addition of free preventive care and mandated coverage for children up to age 26 will add between 2 and 4 percentage points to their 2011 rates.”

That is if they keep the same insurance. Forty percent of those surveyed said they were “seriously considering” changing networks or health plans. This seriously undermines the promise that Americans will get to keep their insurance plans and their doctors if they are currently satisfied with their health care..

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