Sometimes, life brings us to moments we wish we could change or undo. If only you had waited for a second longer at that stop sign, or taken a second glance in the side view mirror on the freeway, things would be different. Unfortunately, time only goes in one direction. If you’ve found yourself in a car accident or a motorcycle accident, you can’t undo the disaster that’s already happened.

Many of us find ourselves suffering from a personal injury as a result of a car accident or a work accident. In some awful cases, negligence on the road or at work can even lead to wrongful death. So, what comes next? What should you do if you’ve suffered a personal injury that’s taken a toll on your quality of life? And how can you forgive the person who caused the automobile accident or motorcycle accident, even while you seek justice?

Find a great attorney.

Let’s be clear—justice and retribution are not the same things. Don’t let the fact that you’re seeking fair compensation to pay for medical bills and lost wages get in the way of your search for forgiveness. It’s absolutely fine to try and get compensated, especially if the negligence of another driver led to your personal injury while you were minding your own business on the freeway.


The first thing you need in order to to get compensated by an individual or their insurance company is a great attorney, and it would best if the attorney you find is a personal injury lawyer. Various law firms specialize in various areas of the law, and if you want legal advice that’s relevant to your personal injury claim, you need an attorney with years of experience in this area of the law.

Also, the laws are different in certain areas, so you’ll want a personal injury attorney who knows something about the region your motor vehicle accident took place in. For example, if you’re in Encino, Sherman Oaks, or anywhere else in the Los Angeles, Southern California area, get yourself a personal injury attorney in Encino. Don’t waste your time trying to get legal advice from an attorney from an area with different laws. Many personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation, so you don’t even stand to lose any money by speaking to an attorney.

Remember, accident victims, deserve to get paid by the insurance companies so that they can pay for medical bills. That’s what insurance companies are therefore—to pay out compensation in the case of a legitimate auto accident. Don’t be shy about utilizing personal injury law.

Seek spiritual guidance.

Forgiveness is a tough nut to crack. When you’re still suffering the aches and pains caused by a motor vehicle accident, you may not be in any mood to forgive the negligent driver who put you in the hospital. The thing is, though, that forgiveness will set you free. All the energy that you’re putting into being angry at the other driver can go towards the healing process. Forgiveness is the best option, the only option, for moving forwards.


One place to seek wisdom when it comes to forgiveness is the Bible. The stories of our forefathers and the parables that the Bible relates can give us a lot of strength when we’re looking for spiritual fortitude in our times of strife. Think of how Abraham begged the Lord to forgive the citizens of Sodom in Genesis, or how—also in Genesis—Esau was able to forgive his brother Jacob for stealing his birthright. One way to move towards forgiveness is to seek wisdom in these tales and get yourself your own library Genesis to peruse when you’re feeling low.

Give yourself time.

Don’t rush yourself. Physical healing from an auto accident, a truck accident, or being harmed by a defective product takes time, and so does the spiritual healing. Once you’ve identified the responsible party and worked through the logistics of your personal injury legal action or, God forbid, wrongful death claim; take however long you need to delve into the library Genesis and find the solace you’re looking for in order to find forgiveness.