Saturday, August 24th, 2019


Doris Day, RIP

I remember when I learned that Doris Day did more than sing in the movies. Somehow “jazz singer” didn’t fit with “America’s Sweetheart.” But then, wasn’t Doris Day underestimated in everything? I heard this song the other day and, while it doesn’t exactly fit, I thought of it again today.   And, of course as a fan of the movies, we’ll always... [Read more]

The BBC’s List of the 100 Greatest Comedies

The BBC has a list of the top #100 comedy films of all time. Here are a few quick thoughts: I like Billy Wilder but there is no way Some Like It Hot should be ranked #1. I don’t even think it’s the #1 Billy Wilder film. Dr. Strangelove is arguably #1, with The Gold Rush ranked #2. (I have a feeling a lot of Chaplin films canceled each other out, and too many voted for The Great Dictator... [Read more]

Too cloudy in Waukesha for the eclipse

The clouds rolled in just as the solar eclipse was starting, so the kids and I rolled east. We went all the way to 27th and Edgerton to a McDonalds where the clouds were just thin enough for the kids to see the eclipse with our eclipse glasses that my wife bought. My daughter Moira took a couple of photos using the glasses as a filter for her iPhone:   Photo by Moira Wigderson Photo by Moira Wigderson Across... [Read more]

Where do ice zombies get huge chains?

(Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers) Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones was a whirlwind affair of double deus ex machina. But even suspending our incredulity over the speed with which the white walkers were found by both our happy band of adventurers and Dany’s dragon party, we’re left with three questions: If the Night King can throw a spear like that with such strength and... [Read more]

Waukesha Shouldn’t Hire the Police Chief’s Kid as a Police Officer

Listening to the Waukesha Common Council personnel committee debate whether an exemption should be given to the police chief’s kid to allow him to work at the Waukesha police department. The city has an anti-nepotism policy has a reason. We’re a big enough city, close enough to other population centers, that we don’t have to hire family members of the chief for the police department.... [Read more]

It’s getting better

Spoke with Brian from the city garage. Apparently it’s his little project to tear up the intersection of Anoka and Greenfield Avenues. He told me that the people on Greenfield were notified of the construction. I pointed out to him that’s not acceptable, that the rest of us needed to notified, too, especially with Arcadian Avenue being torn up and Perkins Avenue incorrectly posted as closed.... [Read more]

WISN’s Jay Weber on Tim Burns and Rebecca Dallet

Yesterday, WISN’s Jay Weber discussed my column on the state Supreme Court race and how two candidates, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet and Madison attorney Tim Burns are fighting it out to be the liberal candidate that faces incumbent Justice Michael Gableman. Burns definitely has the credentials as a leftwing Madison activist, and he’s making it clear he’s willing... [Read more]

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