Saturday, December 20th, 2014


Keith Richards is 71 today

Shouldn’t his body be a donation to medical science by now? Kids, don’t do drugs, or else you’ll end up very rich with all the women you can handle. So what cautionary tale is the life of Keith Richards telling? On the other hand, Richards is a living example of the Laffer Curve in action: “The whole business thing is predicated a lot on the tax laws,” says Keith, Marlboro... [Read more]

Selective outrage: Democrats forget recent past to score political points

Waukesha Freeman 12/11/14 Page A4 Opinion Selective outrage Democrats forget recent past to score political points With the sentencing of state Rep. Bill Kramer to five months in jail and the election of his successor Scott Allen, most Waukesha residents probably thought the issue was over. For the Democrats, however, nothing is over when they think there is an opportunity to score cheap political... [Read more]

James Wigderson and his critics, the other Patton

I’m criticized in a letter to the editor in Thursday’s Waukesha Freeman for criticizing Patton. No, not this guy: This guy: Alderman Roger Patton Our friends at SOPHIA have leapt to Alderman Roger Patton’s defense from a perceived slight: Wigderson’s attack on Alderman Patton highly offensive To the editor: In response to James Wigderson’s Dec. 4 column, we find his attack on... [Read more]

City to be secure this year. No keys are being handed out.

City of Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly, responding to my question in an email, said he has no plans to hand out “the key to the city” this year. Let me be the first to congratulate him on the decision. Under former Mayor Jeff Scrima, the handing out of keys became ridiculous in the number that were handed out (36 total) and, quite often, to whom. Another year of handing out keys and Scrima... [Read more]

Looking forward to King George

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel announced Editor Martin Kaiser is stepping down and Managing Editor George Stanley will be taking his place. As a regular reader and former subscriber, I’m looking forward to Stanley taking on his new position. I’m sure the relationship between the readers and the newspaper will never be stronger now that Stanley doesn’t have to trot out the Pulitzers... [Read more]

Theater of the absurd in Fitzwalkerstan

I believe it’s not too late for young actors to audition for what promises to be a truly awful theatrical experience in Madison, “Greetings From FitzWalkerstan.” As I wrote recently for RightWisconsin, this play is as awful as it sounds. Lest you think I am judging the play by its cover, the main character is named S. Winsome Walker. The director is looking to cast, “An actor who... [Read more]

Badgers beat Buckeyes in Medicaid contest

Okay, so Saturday’s football game didn’t turn out like Wisconsinites hoped. Over at the MacIver Institute, I explain why Wisconsin is beating Ohio in something almost as important as football. While Wisconsin football fans may be mourning the loss by the Badgers to the Buckeyes on Saturday, Wisconsin’s legislators and governor can brag about making the winning call on Medicaid. The... [Read more]

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