Wednesday, August 16th, 2017


It’s getting better

Spoke with Brian from the city garage. Apparently it’s his little project to tear up the intersection of Anoka and Greenfield Avenues. He told me that the people on Greenfield were notified of the construction. I pointed out to him that’s not acceptable, that the rest of us needed to notified, too, especially with Arcadian Avenue being torn up and Perkins Avenue incorrectly posted as closed.... [Read more]

WISN’s Jay Weber on Tim Burns and Rebecca Dallet

Yesterday, WISN’s Jay Weber discussed my column on the state Supreme Court race and how two candidates, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet and Madison attorney Tim Burns are fighting it out to be the liberal candidate that faces incumbent Justice Michael Gableman. Burns definitely has the credentials as a leftwing Madison activist, and he’s making it clear he’s willing... [Read more]

Please, don’t knock you moron

So yesterday I returned from running my afternoon errands and, as I pulled into my driveway, I observed another car park on the street in front of my house. So I sat by my car a few moments and watched three people get out of the other car armed with clip boards and wearing name tags. I waited a few more minutes to see if they were coming to talk to moi, but they marched down to the end of the block... [Read more]

Who says the city doesn’t have enough money for road repair?

The city of Waukesha is so busy with road repairs, it doesn’t have time to notify neighborhoods when they’re going to tear up the street and run construction vehicles back and forth in front of our homes. This is the scene at the end of my block: You have to love how the “road work ahead” sign is planted in one of my neighbor’s driveway and completely blocked from view... [Read more]

Really enjoying the local road construction

Well, we discovered why they’re reluctant to remove the “road closed ahead” signs on Perkins even though it’s open. The construction crew has it partially blocked and they have flag men out there deciding when you can cross Arcadian. Remember, this is the city’s recommended route. I figured out that something was wrong when another car came speeding down Anoka Avenue,... [Read more]

Just some warm Saturday Wiggy thoughts

First, a note about Arcadian Avenue. I am not encouraging this. Not at all. But to all of you rebels that are driving past the “road closed signs” that are up on Arcadian even though there is no construction being done today, you are great patriots. Seriously, Sean Hannity should have you people on to tell you what great Americans you are. There is no reason for the street to be closed... [Read more]

They might as well learn right away

One of the more annoying things I’ve been told over the years is that we’re supposed to give some newly elected official “a chance.” Whether it’s been a mayor, a president, or most recently, an alderman, they’re supposed to be given “a chance” because they’re new. A chance at what? Screwing up again? I have a simple rule: I criticize politicians... [Read more]

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