Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015


Waukesha Common Council amends TID to loan condo board home improvement cash

The Waukesha Common Council voted Tuesday 7-6 to amend a TID to loan $1.6 million to the Del Boca Vista  Sunset Homes Condominiums despite a revelation Tuesday night that the condo board had been offer, and rejected, a$500,000 loan by a private bank. Mayor Shawn Reilly was absent so Alderman Andy Reiland presided. Reilly had previously voted in favor of the proposal at the plan committee so a veto... [Read more]

Duchow defeats Westlake

According to the preliminary results from Tuesday’s special Republican primary election in the 99th district, Delafield town board member Cindi Duchow defeated Dave Westlake. Clearly the last-minute hit on Westlake hurt, but Duchow was hit in the closing days, too. Duchow had, as of the last campaign finance report, sunk in more of her own money that Westlake raised. Assuming that Westlake... [Read more]

The Westlake bankruptcy hit

I hate these stories. Dan “I don’t do policy” Bice reported on Saturday in a well-timed hit that state assembly candidate Dave Westlake once filed for bankruptcy and his home foreclosed upon. Bice loves these stories, of course. I think they’re disgusting cheap shots. “I’ve been open about my bankruptcy, which resulted in us losing our home,” said Westlake, who... [Read more]

Are there tax-and-spend red flags about Cindi Duchow’s record?

The quiet race for state assembly in the 99th district got a little less quiet last week. On Thursday, WISN’s Mark Belling commented on Delafield Town Supervisor Cindi Duchow’s support for a referendum to build a new firehouse. He said her referendum support amounted to a “red flag.” One of Duchow’s opponents in Tuesday’s Republican Primary for assembly, Scott owens,... [Read more]

Another Republican primary Tuesday

Waukesha Freeman August 27th Page 6A Opinion Another Republican primary Tuesday Westlake, Duchow seen as top contenders in 99th We interrupt your summer vacation with yet another special election in Waukesha County. The Republican primary in the 99th Assembly District is this Tuesday. The winner will likely be the next state representative for this Republican district, especially as there is no declared... [Read more]

The Shane Falk email is even more damning than reported

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is ignoring the email. The Wisconsin State Journal is burying the email at the bottom of their story. But Wisconsin Watchdog has posted the entire document containing the email online, and it provides more evidence of the partisan nature of the John Doe investigation. Here is the entire email: “We said from day one on November 8, 2012, that the election had already... [Read more]

Robbed of a major award

Somehow I only came in third place. Reason Magazine’s website asked readers to create the next government-required warning label that will appear in San Francisco. First place got a subscription to the digital magazine. No free magazine subscription for me, but here was my entry: WARNING: Reading government-required warning labels may cause the following: nearsightedness, fatigue, depression,... [Read more]

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