Saturday, December 3rd, 2016


The “after dinner with Romney” quote of the day

Jedediah Leland: Bernstein, Bernstein, these men who were with the Chronicle, weren’t they just as devoted to the Chronicle policies as they are now to our policies? Mr. Bernstein: Sure they are just like anybody else. They got work to do, they do it. Only they happen to be the best men in the business. Jedediah Leland: Do we stand for the same things the Chronicle stands for, Mr. Bernstein? Mr.... [Read more]

Counting the money and the ballots

Over at the MacIver Institute, I explain why the recount in the presidential election is ridiculous: Greens Going for Recount Gold Special Guest Perspective by James Wigderson – If Stein was really interested in election integrity, she would try to actually stop voter fraud before an election occurred by supporting voter ID or other election integrity measures. But Stein is likely no more interested... [Read more]

When Wisconsin workers are free to choose

Our Madison bureau chief MD Kittle filled in for Jay Weber today on WISN-AM. Besides doing a hilarious impression of The Count from Sesame Street helping Jill Stein count ballots, Kittle interviewed Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Committee, about an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel lamenting the loss of union power and membership in Wisconsin. The flip side,... [Read more]

Did a recount and this is the quote of the day

“He said something truly horrifying. He became the first person running for president, Republican or Democrat, who refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. That is a direct threat to our democracy. I’m not going to try to call it anything else, because that’s what it is. All this talk about the election being rigged, trying to stir up people who are supporting him at... [Read more]

Don’t cry for Camerino

If you watched Little People, Big World this week, you saw the tear-jerker moment when Camerino Sanchez-Gonzalez had to tell his employer/friend Matt Roloff that, despite being in the United States for years on a work visa, Gonzalez was being deported to Mexico. Throughout the episode, no reason is given except the capriciousness of the visa process and the unfairness of our immigration system. Of... [Read more]

Following the Wiggy trail

My wife and I had a reminder today that, now that my Waukesha Freeman column is gone, some of you don’t get to read as much Wiggy wisdom as you’d like. I’m going to try to keep this page updated more with my latest work. In the meantime, you can always find me at where I am the Wisconsin education reporter. I am also a contributor to the MacIver Institute and RightWisconsin.... [Read more]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Wigderson family

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I thought I would take a moment to wish my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving, even those of you who are (foolishly) feeling less thankful to God because of the election results. Here are some favorite columns from past Thanksgiving celebrations, and today.   My latest for the MacIver Institute: How Minimum Markup Can Bring Peace to Your Family Thanksgiving Special... [Read more]

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