Sunday, May 28th, 2017


Just some warm Saturday Wiggy thoughts

First, a note about Arcadian Avenue. I am not encouraging this. Not at all. But to all of you rebels that are driving past the “road closed signs” that are up on Arcadian even though there is no construction being done today, you are great patriots. Seriously, Sean Hannity should have you people on to tell you what great Americans you are. There is no reason for the street to be closed... [Read more]

They might as well learn right away

One of the more annoying things I’ve been told over the years is that we’re supposed to give some newly elected official “a chance.” Whether it’s been a mayor, a president, or most recently, an alderman, they’re supposed to be given “a chance” because they’re new. A chance at what? Screwing up again? I have a simple rule: I criticize politicians... [Read more]

The Mute City of Waukesha

So this morning I got a bit of a surprise. During the night, the city blocked off all the side streets in our area, preventing traffic from crossing Arcadian Avenue. That includes, unfortunately, Greenfield and Perkins avenues, two roads where the traffic comes through our little neighborhood to other points of the city. Perkins is especially important as it goes all the way through to Main Street... [Read more]

No matter how many times they reassess, it’s still a funny-looking word

Oh, good, we just finished paying our taxes, and now it’s likely the city is going to ask for more: The City of Waukesha Assessor’s Office will be sending out assessment notices on April 21, 2017. We DID reassess all properties, so all property owners will receive an assessment notice. The Assessor’s Office will be holding informal discussions or “Open Book” from April 24 thru May 12.... [Read more]

Taming the Watchdog

So, as of today, my time with Watchdog is no more. The Franklin Center is closed. I’m not sure what, if anything, will take its place, and I’m not even sure what caused its demise. The twelfth labor of Heracles was the capture of Hades’ watchdog Cerberus, but I suspect Watchdog’s end was less dramatic, even if our reporting had Cerberus’ bite. I wouldn’t have mentioned... [Read more]

Don Rickles, RIP

Mr. Warmth, the Merchant of Venom, Don Rickles is gone. It would be cliché to say that it’s the passing of an era, and it would be wrong. Rickles belonged to the age of Johnny Carson, the Rat Pack, Celebrity Roasts and classic Las Vegas. He was the survivor from a pre-PC time in America when we could poke fun at stereotypes and our differences and still come away laughing. There were no safe... [Read more]

Clarke returned to work on Friday

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke showed up for work on Friday, the sheriff’s office announced on April 1. “If I didn’t have the bobblehead on my desk, I might not have recognized him,” Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Fran McLaughlin said afterwards. “It was a little odd seeing him in person,” said Fran McLaughlin, the spokesman for the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s... [Read more]

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