Friday, April 29th, 2016


The Prince is dead

The Lovely Doreen from Waukesha and I drove out to Sun Prairie Saturday night to see Purple Rain on the big screen. Neither of us were old enough to see the “not-so-semi-autobiographical” film when it was first released. We had to wait until it was released on VHS. I think my group of friends watched it at my friend Steve’s house. The music was much better than the movie. It wasn’t... [Read more]

The latest Wigderson at Watchdog stories

Catching up on the week’s action, here are the most recent stories I did for You can always follow the latest articles by me, regardless of where they appeared, at my Facebook author page. Looking ahead to Monday, already loaded in the queue, is an article on a new report by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty including an interview with one of the authors. This week I... [Read more]

Jesus lunch more than free food

Waukesha Freeman 4/21/16 Page A06 Opinion Jesus lunch more than free food Protests cannot silence the message As legend has it, Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues just sat in a field and composed “Tuesday Afternoon,” inspired by the day. “Tuesday, afternoon. I’m just beginning to see, Now I’m on my way … .” On the album (yes kids, we had albums) the title was “Forever Afternoon,”... [Read more]

No bus for you!

Over at, I reported Wednesday on a case involving three families in the Friess Lake school district who were denied bus service because their private, independent school was too Catholic to not be considered a Catholic school. Even though the school is not affiliated with the archdiocese, students of St Augustine school are being told that they and the official Catholic school in the area... [Read more]

Milwaukee Zoning Committee moves empty MPS property sale process along

After weeks of stalling, the Milwaukee Common Council’s Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee finally recognized five charter and private schools as education operators, accepted their letters of interest, and used the state definition of an education operator to avoid considering Milwaukee Public Schools’ letters of interest in retaining the properties. I have the story over... [Read more]

Wigderson in the media

WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes briefly discusses my story on Professor John McAdams for at the 24:20 mark of the podcast in between his discussion of the 1924 Democratic convention. The McAdams story also made Is Marquette University still Catholic? Yes No Actually Druids would be more comfortable there I don't care. The basketball team sucks. View Results  Loading... [Read more]

Foust’s hellish decision won’t stop Right to Work

On Friday, Dane County Judge William Foust struck down Wisconsin’s Right to Work law as unconstitutional. Over at the MacIver Institute, I explain why Foust’s ruling is ridiculous and why it will be overturned. I also point out how the Democrats aren’t even trying to make a case to defend Foust’s decision. Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca didn’t even mention the constitutionality... [Read more]

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