Friday, August 1st, 2014


Talk radio weighs in on Rosner and Clarke and Perry and Obama

It’s the gift that keeps on giving to Scott Allen. On Wednesday, Charlie Sykes on WTMJ made a verbal jab at Brandon Rosner (37:20 minute mark) for making what Sykes called, “the single stupidest comment made by a candidate.”  Yes, there was a reminder that Rosner gave money to Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca while Allen posed for a picture with (Democratish) Sheriff David... [Read more]

Spending money like it’s someone else’s in the sixth congressional district

State Sen Glenn Grothman must like his chances in the sixth congressional district primary. He loaned his campaign $90,000 on July 18th, bringing the total amount he’s loaned his campaign to$100,000. The $90,000 is about half of the money he reported raising in the last campaign finance reporting period, $188328.36, which means he raised $98,328.36 from other contributors (some of whom are also... [Read more]

End in sight for treasurer office

Waukesha Freeman 7/31/14 Page A5 Opinion End in sight for treasurer office Adamczyk will continue push to end vestigial position   I had to laugh when I saw the announcement by Matt Adamczyk, a Republican candidate for state treasurer, that he received the top grade from the National Rifle Association. Does this mean Adamczyk buys cheaper bullets? Adamczyk was recently a guest of state Rep. Adam... [Read more]

97th Assembly forum needed more lions

“Hagen was the only one in that room who knew the identity of the portraits hanging on the dark paneled walls. They were mostly portraits of fabulous financial figures done in rich oils. One was of Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton. Hagen could not help thinking that Hamilton might have approved of this peace meeting being held in a banking institution. Nothing was more calming, more conducive... [Read more]

Kyle’s family loses to Ventura

I previously commented on the story of sniper Chris Kyle who claimed he once punched out former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. Ventura denied it, then he sued Kyle, then Ventura Kyle’s estate after Kyle died. In the meantime, the local wackadoo leftys started indulging in their love of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to criticize me for daring to post what a decorated war hero said. As the... [Read more]

Support your local sheriff

Waukesha Freeman July 24, 2014 Page A5 Opinion Support your local sheriff Severson more likely to continue successes at Sheriff’s Department One of the late James Garner’s funniest roles as an actor was in the movie “Support Your Local Sheriff.” When the Danbys get frustrated trying to break Joe Danby out of a jail with no bars, they bring in hired guns to kill Sheriff Jason McCullough, played... [Read more]

The Allen radio ad

For those of you who haven’t heard the ad the Realtors are running on Scott Allen’s behalf, WisPolitics has posted it online (audio link). It’s called, “Great Scott.” The ad is biographical and says we already have one “great Scott” in the Capitol, so let’s send another. The realtors are also doing some Facebook and digital advertising. The ad has already... [Read more]

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