Friday, November 28th, 2014


Thanksgiving purists can go stuff it

Waukesha Freeman 11/26/2014 Page A8 Opinion Thanksgiving purists can go stuff it Holiday just as meaningful at any other table In ancient times, the high priests on state holidays would select the finest ram or bull and sacrifice it to the gods. From the ashes (gods like their meat well-done) the priests would determine the desires and whims of the appropriate divinities. That’s just not the American... [Read more]

New Thanksgiving Wiggy Poll

We’ll run this through midnight Friday night. Try to get your answer in before the tryptophan puts you into a coma. What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner? The turkey The pumpkin pie The cranberries The stuffing The leftovers Eating out View Results  Loading ...   Print this entry Read More →

Slate decides to compete with Salon and Vox for dumbest political commentary

Good lord. This comparison by Slate has to win some sort of award for stupidity: Next they’ll be comparing Michael Brown to Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Print this entry Read More →

Patton’s folly

Waukesha Freeman Page A6 Opinion,  November 20, 2014 Patton’s folly Living wage law is economic fantasy So, the good news is Waukesha Alderman Roger Patton’s proposal to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour is dead on arrival. State law prevents local communities from enacting their own minimum wage ordinances. The state law is a good one. It prevents a crazy patchwork of wage ordinances... [Read more]

Sheehy’s folly

Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) wants the surrounding communities to hold referendums on whether to tax themselves to pay for Milwaukee’s cultural institutions. Under the concept, which is still in the discussion phase, revenue from the sales tax increase would be dedicated to addressing the needs of some of the region’s cultural, arts and entertainment assets. One... [Read more]

Wigderson and his critics, the “Zielinski calls me fat” edition

So upon learning Graeme Zielinski was working for the Democratic governor of Illinois in his failed re-election campaign, I asked the obvious question: Who looked at Graeme Zielinski and said, "This is the kind of person we want working on our campaign." — james wigderson (@jwigderson) November 17, 2014 Prompting this response from Zielinski: .@JeffSimpson7 Who... [Read more]

Who is paying Graeme Zielinski now?

Over at Blogging Blue, former Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Graeme Zielinski attempted to defend his former boss, Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate, from the anger of the faithful. Of course, Blogging Blue buried the lede: Zielinski was working for the Democrats in Illinois on the governor’s race. I just worked on the Illinois governor’s race, where we were wiped off the face of... [Read more]

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