Friday, November 21st, 2014


Sheehy’s folly

Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) wants the surrounding communities to hold referendums on whether to tax themselves to pay for Milwaukee’s cultural institutions. Under the concept, which is still in the discussion phase, revenue from the sales tax increase would be dedicated to addressing the needs of some of the region’s cultural, arts and entertainment assets. One... [Read more]

Wigderson and his critics, the “Zielinski calls me fat” edition

So upon learning Graeme Zielinski was working for the Democratic governor of Illinois in his failed re-election campaign, I asked the obvious question: Who looked at Graeme Zielinski and said, "This is the kind of person we want working on our campaign." — james wigderson (@jwigderson) November 17, 2014 Prompting this response from Zielinski: .@JeffSimpson7 Who... [Read more]

Who is paying Graeme Zielinski now?

Over at Blogging Blue, former Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Graeme Zielinski attempted to defend his former boss, Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate, from the anger of the faithful. Of course, Blogging Blue buried the lede: Zielinski was working for the Democrats in Illinois on the governor’s race. I just worked on the Illinois governor’s race, where we were wiped off the face of... [Read more]

Discovering “The Adventures of Max & I” and The Plumery Tails

Sunday was a remarkable day for the Lovely Doreen and me as we traipsed around Galena, IL. As many of you know, we make an annual peregrination to this small city in northwestern Illinois. This year we only had two stops scheduled on the itinerary with the rest of our time reserved for exploration and relaxation. Our wandering took us to the Plumery Tails Gift Shop on Hwy 20, the home of author B.J.... [Read more]

Dave Craig not running for Waukesha County Executive

State Rep Dave Craig is not going to run for Waukesha County Executive. Craig called me today to let me know he spoke with State Sen Paul Farrow and Craig is supporting Farrow’s candidacy. Craig said he is still very passionate about Waukesha County but he is not running. is reporting State Rep Dale Kooyenga is also not running for County Executive.  I greatly appreciate all... [Read more]

Some late post-election thoughts and notes

I’m behind on just about everything, but I thought I would offer some post-election thoughts. First, the results of the WiggyPoll asking which scandal was the worst of the Susan Happ scandals. Which was Susan Happ's worst scandal? Happ's office cutting a no jail-time deal with a child molester who had a land contract with Happ (46%, 18 Votes) Happ's incompetent prosecution of Andrew Wirth... [Read more]

Conservatives across country getting Walker’s message

Waukesha Freeman 11/6/14 Opinion Page A4 Conservatives across country getting Walker’s message It’s hard for Wisconsinites to put Gov. Scott Walker’s election victory on Tuesday night into proper perspective. It wasn’t just an election for governor, and the effect is much bigger than Wisconsin. Yes, this is the third gubernatorial election in just four years and, yes, each election has gotten... [Read more]

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