Saturday, May 30th, 2015


It’s a major award

I’m touched. Honored, even. In my email box this morning: James, You have been nominated to become a 2015 RNC Charter Gold Card Member. This limited-time offer expires in 72 hours. So, it is vital you respond today to activate your membership and accept your 2015 RNC Charter Member Gold Card. Not just a membership card. A Charter Member Gold Card. I bet you wish you could have one. Actually I... [Read more]

Special interest favor that could drive you away from drink

Over at RightWisconsin, I have an update on the proposed change to the liquor distribution law that would benefit wholesalers to the cost of everyone else. Republicans are considering inserting the provision in the budget through the Joint Finance Committee at the last minute. The Wisconsin Sunday-after-church Bloody Mary could get a lot more expensive. The worst part, aside from how it screws everyone... [Read more]

Kapenga, Dorow fundraising tactics in focus

Waukesha Freeman Page A5 Opinion 5/28/2015 Kapenga, Dorow fundraising tactics in focus Putting Madison special interests and PACs in perspective In case you haven’t noticed from all the signs going up around here, there is a special election in the 33rd Senate District. Brian Dorow is taking on state Rep. Chris Kapenga for the Republican nomination to replace current state Sen. Paul Farrow. In July,... [Read more]

Mick Jagger on the Moonlight Mile

On the Wall Street Journal website they have an interview with Mick Jagger about Moonlight Mile, how it was written, and how it’s being played on the current Rolling Stones tour. Jagger described what the song is about: When we finished our European tour in October 1970, we were at Stargroves, my country house in England. We were sitting around one night and I started working on what I had initially... [Read more]

Geraghty on the Duggars

The other day I posted a couple of thoughts of my own and an excerpt from an interesting blog post about the sexual abuse story involving the Duggar family. In the Morning Jolt email newsletter from Jim Geraghty, he has a slightly different take on the Duggar situation that’s worth reading. Here’s part: There’s a fair question of just how much we as a society should punish a 27-year-old... [Read more]

But how was the coleslaw?

It’s always funny until someone nearly loses an eye: An affidavit says the woman was attending a barbecue in Muncie when she raised the ire of the host’s daughter by “taking the last rib from the kitchen.” The affidavit says the woman told police that the daughter accused her of “taking all the food,” so she stabbed her in the eye. Police say the woman maintains she acted in self-defense... [Read more]

Waukesha Mayor unhappy with proposal to take room tax money away

Alderman Aaron Perry posted the following on his Facebook page: From: Mayor Reilly To: Adam Neylon (; Scott Allen (; Senator Paul F. Farrow (;… Dear Senator Farrow, Representative Neylon and Representative Allen; I am writing to you on behalf of the City of Waukesha. I understand that it is possible that the... [Read more]

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