Saturday, July 2nd, 2016


Spoiler alert, they all die

Turner Classic Movies is showing a series of classic Shakespeare films. I went to the invaluable IMDB movie site to find out if it was true that Hamlet was made in black and white because Laurence Olivier was having a dispute with Technicolor. (Yes, it is true.) I had to laugh at this: It’s a good thing they didn’t have IMDB back in 1601. It would have ruined the play. I did find this... [Read more]

No summer school for Demond Means

Hey, MPS is not going to screw up this guy’s Summerfest plans. Milwaukee Opportunity Schools Partnership Program (OSPP) Commissioner Demond Means announced his resignation on Wednesday, just hours after WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes wondered out loud on the air, “Why doesn’t he just quit?” (No, really – at 28:30.) I have reaction from just about everybody at [Read more]

Madison school district finally uses Act 10 to offset healthcare costs

The Madison Metropolitan School District is finally asking teachers and staff to contribute to their health care premium costs. Well, just three percent. And the district is going to raid the maintenance budget to soften the blow for some teachers and staff. Oh, and the employee contributions are progressive. Did I mention the district is thinking about going to referendum this fall? You can read my... [Read more]

Game of Thrones Season 6 finale

(Yes, spoilers ahead.) Okay, so Cersei is now the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Why? She has no claim to the throne. She is not a Baratheon or a Targaryen. Instead, she just happens to be the last person standing in King’s Landing with an army. Not, in Westeros, but King’s Landing. Oh, by the way, the Lannisters still owe Braavos a ton of cash and have no gold reserves, and Cersei just... [Read more]

Who’s afraid of big bad Act 10?

In case you missed it Friday, over at I reported on a new study by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty on the effects of Act 10 on our state’s public schools. The fear that Act 10 would somehow ruin public education in Wisconsin is *ahem* a bit overblown. We look back five years later thinking Act 10 was incredibly controversial with many politicians and public union leaders... [Read more]

State legislative Democrats only telling part of the story when it comes to education funding

If you only read the Democratic Party’s press releases, you’d think we’re funding school choice to the detriment of the kids in the public schools. The reality, as I report at, is completely different: The memo says the voucher amount is $7,210 for kindergarten through eighth grade, and $7,856 per pupil in high school, while the state aid per pupil in public schools is... [Read more]

Hey, it’s Adam Neylon’s turn

Nik Nelson of Open Box Strategies interviewed one of our local state legislators, state Rep Adam Neylon of Pewaukee, at the State Rep Adam Neylon WisconsinConservatives website, part of a series of interviews with state conservatives to find out what makes us tick. So what makes Adam so interested in Rock’em Sock’em Robots? Why does Adam worry about the drones in sector 7g? And what does... [Read more]

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