Saturday, May 28th, 2016


What does Sheriff Clarke think of MPS “Black Lives Matters” program?

Oh, about what you could guess. Clarke criticized MPS strongly for including the Black Lives Matters program in the budget. “You’ve got a school system that I have described for the last decade as a sinking ship and a disaster,” Clarke said. “Kids can’t read at grade level, they can’t take a three-digit number and subtract a two-digit number and come up with the right answer. You look at... [Read more]

Will Trump prove worthy of Ryan?

Waukesha Freeman Thursday, 05/12/2016 Pag.A06 Copyright © 2016 Conley Group. All rights reserved Will Trump prove worthy of Ryan? Two very different politicians attempt to bridge the gap between them There must be days when House Speaker Paul Ryan says to himself, “Self, what did you get yourself into now?” While others were rushing to get on the Donald Trump bandwagon, Ryan said he wasn’t... [Read more]

When Medicaid expansion proponent goes Erp

Give them credit for persistence. Wisconsin Democrats will not give up the idea of taking the federal money to expand Medicaid no matter how much it actually costs. As I explain over at the MacIver Institute, this time it’s state Senator Jon Erpenbach – again. Ever since Walker rejected the additional federal funding, Erpenbach has been trying to justify Democratic support for expanding... [Read more]

Will the Madison school district finally use Act 10 to save money?

Is it possible the Madison school district will finally use the tools of Act 10 to save money by making teachers contribute to their health care premiums? As I report at, the answer is “sort of.” Under the proposal discussed at a preliminary budget meeting Monday night, a “differentiated premium contribution plan” would require teachers to pay 3 percent of their health... [Read more]

Wigderson stories on the radio

In case you missed it, Charlie Sykes of WTMJ-AM (48:30) discussed my article for on how WEAC is joining the war on talk radio. Meanwhile, Jay Weber of WISN talked about my article on how the controversy over the Jesus Lunch will continue even after the school district’s lease of the park where the lunch is being held was canceled. Print this entry Read More →

What’s Middleton serving up for the Jesus Lunch?

Despite the city of Middleton canceling Middleton School District’s lease of Firemen’s Park, the controversy continues over the Jesus Lunch next to Middleton High School. Over at, I have the latest on the controversy: “The Jesus Lunch has been a peaceful, really positive, environment,” Williams said. “So when Freedom from Religion and others are talking about the divisiveness... [Read more]

Waukesha celebrates historic preservation month

Just received this note and thought I would pass it along: WAUKESHA CELEBRATES HISTORIC PRESERVATION MONTH MAY 21-MAY 25, 2016 WITH FREE ACTIVITIES FOR ALL AGES Waukesha, WI – May has been designated as Historic Preservation Month. In celebration of our community’s rich history, Waukesha Preservation Alliance, along with other partner organizations, is proud to host Historic Preservation... [Read more]

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