Monday, November 20th, 2017

Albers suing over clerk position


Former State Representative Sheryl Albers (R) is suing because she was passed over for a position as clerk of the Joint Finance Committee.  She’s alleging age discrimination.

Albers said she received word on her 55th birthday that she would not get the job and subsequently requested the resume of the person who did “since I could not imagine that any other applicant could have been more qualified for this job than I was.”

Joe Malkasian, an assistant clerk for the Assembly, was hired for the new job at age 31. A 1997 high school graduate with no college degree, Malkasian also previously worked for the Senate sergeant at arms.

“It appears that the only area in which his qualifications for the position exceed my own is his greater youth,” said Albers, who served on the budget committee while in the Legislature and earned her law degree in 2004. Albers had worked as a policy analyst for the Assembly Republican Caucus for four years before her election to the Assembly.

Assistant Attorney General Richard Briles Moriarty asks the question that I would ask,

Albers’ interest in the position also was an odd career choice given she had a law degree and 15-years experience in the Legislature, Moriarty said.

The clerk’s job consists largely of administrative tasks including disseminating meeting agendas and supporting documents, recording roll call votes and generally making sure the committee runs smoothly. The clerk does not make suggestions for policy, attempt to impact votes or participate in negotiations.

What could make her want a job that a high school graduate can do?

Unfortunately, the article does not say how much the position pays or how much her state pension would improve with more time working for the legislature.

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