Friday, October 28th, 2016

Jessi Olson, an enthusiastic new blogger that I met the other day, has a new project, Drill Here Drill Now Tuesdays. I’ll be playing along, too, along with some other bloggers. Help spread the word, and also support the Wisconsin Institute for Leadership’s call for the repeal of Wisconsin’s Minimum Markup law. State Representatives Leah […]

Mayor Nelson, puttin on the ritz. Needs the gold chain and the big pinky ring. Wait, I’ve seen that look before. It’s Tony Montana! Print this entry

Jeff at Five Points calls “BS” on my assertion that the park would be essentially off limits to the public for 34 nights during our limited summers, accusing me of being misleading. Speaking of the Freeman Editorial Page, James Wigderson misleads people into thinking they cannot use the park when games are being played, which […]

I promised Mayor Larry Nelson weeks ago that I would keep an open mind on the proposed baseball stadium in Frame Park. I waited until a formal presentation was made to the city, gathered all the facts available, and came to an inescapable conclusion: this is a really bad idea. Nobody really has a satisfactory […]

Homosexuals get offended by Mr. T and a candy bar machine gun. I tell the sad tale of political correctness over at Print this entry

I wanted to work this quote into tomorrow’s Waukesha Freeman column but just couldn’t make it fit. A local realtor, referring to the Phoenix Heights neighborhood, told Alderman Hernandez and me after the meeting, “If you build it, we will move.” Print this entry

Darryl Enriquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did some digging and discovered Chad Bauer, Waukesha’s possible baseball franchise owner, is in the business of building stadiums. He probably started figuring it out when Bauer handed out his business card at the meeting last night. He builds and maintains stadiums. Not a bad deal when you […]

During the Q & A in the Waukesha Common Council last night, Alderman Francoeur too quickly conceded to Chad Bauer that he does not have to reveal publicly who his investors might be for the proposed baseball franchise to play at the proposed new stadium at Frame Park. She then asked if Bauer would be […]

Spent last evening at the meeting of the Waukesha Common Council to hear the presentation by the Northwoods baseball league for the proposed expansion franchise. Without giving too much away about tomorrow’s column in the Waukesha Freeman (a bargain at 50 cents), here are some observations: 1. Of the 30-plus people in the room that […]

Republican assembly candidate Mike Hahn (45th district) will find his campaigning cut short when he is deployed to active duty on September 7th. However, he remains a candidate in the race. From the press release: “I want to assure everyone that my campaign will continue so that after I have finished serving my country overseas, […]