Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Last night the Common Council put the mayor’s appointments for the Landmarks Commission on hold, not rejected as I reported before. Brian Running withdrew his name. The other two appointees were James Healy and Adam Neylon. Adam Neylon works for Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, was the Republican Party of Waukesha County youth coordinator, and is a […]

I’m going to Las Vegas in July. July. What’s the temperature going to be, 112 in the shade? The 2010 RightOnline Conference will bring together influential new media activists, representatives of conservative organizations, and hundreds of citizen activists to provide important leadership and grassroots training, offering the tools and inspiration to more effectively impact public […]

If they go to instant replay, it takes a boring sport and makes it even more boring – and longer. If they don’t go to instant replay, they’ll have to give No-Doze to the refs to keep them awake long enough to see someone actually score. I really don’t understand why they don’t solve it […]

The Spring City Chronicle is unhappy with the current direction of Mayor Jeff Scrima: This isn’t the change I voted for. How often do you think that is being said across the United States every day? Those who are expressing this opinion outside of 53186, 53188 and 53189 are referring to the Democrats and Obama […]

Let me tell you a story. Now before we begin, a disclaimer. Because many of the events in this story are second hand, I’m not going to name names. Some of the details will be really vague and some will be only from what other people told me but I can’t verify. However, I have […]

I don’t believe the headline writer at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel could not come up with a more tasteless headline: “Eagle Cemetery Rests in Pieces.” The picture directly under the headline would certainly suggest to most people a more somber, sober headline is required. Print this entry

When we say we have a weak mayor in Waukesha, we aren’t messing around. Tonight, Mayor Jeff Scrima discovered the hard way just how weak he is. The City Administrator is answerable to the Common Council, not the mayor. (I argued strongly against this and lost the argument.) The one hold the mayor had over […]

But, hey, who believes a Democratic polling operation these days, right? Public Policy Polling has businessman Ron Johnson at 43% to Senator Russ Feingold’s 45%. Hmmm. Is Rasmussen right? A word of advice to my liberal readers, believe the polls. Republicans didn’t want to believe the polls the last two election cycles either. Ask them […]

Andrew Breitbart is offering $100,000 for the Journolist e-mail list archive. Journolist was the e-mail list founded by Washington Post writer Ezra Klein so liberals and liberal journalists could all compare notes and share talking points. Ann Althouse, who would love to see the archives, too, has found one blogger who doubts Breitbart will find […]

Dear President Obama: On behalf of the people of Wisconsin, I respectfully ask you to reverse the environmental policies enacted by your administration that are directly killing jobs in our state. 
 Right now, 300 Wisconsin jobs at Bucyrus International are in jeopardy because of radical environmental policies created by your administration. Today, you have […]