Friday, October 21st, 2016

I like listening to talk radio as much as the next person. But when I’m writing or doing something else at my desk, I often want to hear music instead. A teacher told me years ago that classical music helps improve the IQ temporarily and, while I don’t know if it’s true or not, I’ve […]

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Wisconsin’s #1 Waukesha hater Jim Rowen reports on his blog that DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp will be taking over the management of Waukesha’s Great Lakes water application now that Bruce Baker is leaving the agency. I’m sure Rowen’s horrified, but having the DNR Secretary taking the lead role in managing the application through the process […]

I like the headline the MacIver Institute gave my latest op-ed for them, “Public Financing of Campaigns a Bust in Wisconsin.” As many of you know, the state budget proposed by Governor Scott Walker does not include using tax money to finance public funding of election campaigns. From now on, when you check that little […]

Sad news from the wacky world of Madison politics. Legalized marijuana advocate and general leftwing political gadfly Ben Masel is losing a battle with lung cancer. Masel, 56, was diagnosed with lung cancer in January and learned two weeks ago the cancer was stage IV, meaning it has spread beyond his lungs. Medical scans showed […]

If Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima still has a problem with the action that the Common Council took to remove the mayor from any supervisory role over the City Administrator, then he should have used his veto at the time. Or the mayor could explain why at least one member of the Common Council felt it […]

New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-20: New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13: New … # Is it just me, or did we have more Congressional debate and authorization before we invaded Iraq? Will we have a "Gulf of Sidra" resolution? # My wife just ran to #KwikTrip to get milk. […]

Over the years, Asher has embarrassed her children by appearing on the local evening news, writing impassioned letters to the editor of the local newspaper, speaking at city-council meetings and rallies, and even posting signs on the front lawn of their home. “Last week, Mom stuck a big sign in the yard that said, ‘Support […]

What’s in your Supreme Court candidate’s wallet? Also, remember to support Scouting for Food (James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.) Tuesday, April 5, is the election for state Supreme Court. The incumbent, Justice David Prosser, is facing littleknown Madison liberal attorney JoAnne […]

State Representative Cory Mason (D-Racine) is upset, upset I tell you, that security precautions are still in place at the state Capitol, possibly causing some minor inconvenience to school groups. Of course, Mason does not have anything to say about the conduct of the protestors that prevented 84 different groups, most of them school children, […]