Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

47 in a 30 and no fine, no points


John Doro shows you can fight city hall, if you’re armed with Google.

Given that I drive a common looking car, and was driving in a populated area at a busy time, I went to court asking the prosecution to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they had their man.

Armed with a slew of informaiton in my folder, I set off to court. I presented my documents. A Microsoft MapPoint view of the street. A Google Maps satellite image of the area. A picture of my car. A picture of a similar car. The timetables for the bus routes. Research on laser radar guns and the proper usage of them.

Some of his commenters don’t think he should’ve fought the ticket:

you do 47 down my street that’s marked 30 mph and I will spike strip your ass when you drive past the front of my house.

there’s a big ass burm right there too, so it will do a nice number on your crappy paintjob.

I think if I took a quick poll of my readers, I suspect the spike strip option is not the first that would come to mind, unless we were trying to stop a wayward state attorney general in a state car.

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