Friday, August 23rd, 2019

97th Assembly report


We’re going to more-than-occasionally update readers on the 97th Assembly race. Obviously there’s a special interest on my part as I live in the district, but given the personalities involved I also think the race could be pretty entertaining to watch. Besides, if the Democrats make this race competitive, then we’ll know the Assembly Republicans are in trouble. If you have a hot tip (or just want to fluff your candidate) send me an e-mail at

Attention! Attention! We have our first yard sign sighting of the spring. Yep, Democrat Steve Schmuki already has some yard signs out. Apparently he doesn’t fear a May blizzard, and the campaign signs left over from two years ago are slowly making their way out of his garage.

Both Ruth Page Jones and Steve Schmuki recently spoke at a Waukesha Democratic party gathering. The disgraced former schoolboard member Roger Danielsen (who was forced to resign before he was recalled) was absent. Not smart if you want the backing of the 150 people that call themselves Democrats. (Hey, that’s their count, not mine.)

Ruth Page Jones is still the only Democratic candidate with a button on the side of the local party’s website.

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