Sunday, November 19th, 2017

A different Walker speech at the Waukesha Expo Center


Governor Scott Walker’s victory over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in last week’s recall election reminded me of a different speech by Walker in a different campaign at the same location as his victory speech. Here is an excerpt from a column I wrote in October, 2010:

A win by Walker in Tuesday’s election would be a paradigm changer. Instead of big-spending Republicans and bigger-spending Democrats, Walker represents the moral imperative that we must bring the size of government under control and re-prioritize what we expect from government.

    As Walker demonstrated in Milwaukee County, the relationship can change between the government and the citizens. We do not work for the government; it needs to live on what we say it can spend. We can’t afford the government constantly asking for more, more, more.

    We saw it again Tuesday night in Walker’s speech. Underneath all of Walker’s criticisms of the state’s economy and the current governor, Walker still manages to convey optimism about what Wisconsin can be if given a chance.

    To Walker, a chance for Wisconsin’s greatness means getting government out of the way. Less government regulation, less taxes, and less government spending equals more freedom, more opportunity and more economic growth.

    Perhaps Wisconsin wasn’t ready for such a paradigm shift before now. For much of Wisconsin’s political history, the belief was that we could expect Wisconsin government to do more for us. It was just a matter of finding the right people to run the government.

    The political left called it “progressive.” History calls it hubris with a human cost. We are finally beginning to understand the lessons of history and turn our backs on statism.

    The polls indicate a Walker win this coming Tuesday. In Walker’s words, “It’s time to believe in Wisconsin again.” The crowd at the Expo Center was ready to believe, too.

    Wisconsin is ready for Scott Walker to be governor. From what I was saw Tuesday night, Scott Walker is ready to lead.

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