Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

A photo you will never see me in


When Mayor Jeff Scrima handed out keys to the city last year, I criticized a few of them as well as the number of keys that were handed out. A debate of sorts (mostly calling me a terrible person) took place on a Facebook page when the subject of Waukesha Freeman Columnist Gregg Wandsneider getting a key to the city came up. I said,

By the way, Vicky didn’t criticize Gregg Wandsneider. However, as someone who writes for the newspaper on the same contract basis as Gregg, I have to say that I would be reluctant to accept any award from the city unless it was to honor my last column. It’s an ethics issue to me.

I know the “rules” are different for a community columnist, and Gregg’s column is definitely different than mine. But I can assure you in the eight years I have been writing a column for the Waukesha Freeman, I have never posed for a political campaign photo, let alone pose next to a candidate for local office.

Mayor Jeff Scrima, left, with Waukesha Community Columnist Gregg Wandsneider next to the mayor. 

There is no way Wandsneider did not know that photo was not going to be used for Mayor Jeff Scrima’s campaign. I know I’ll get called all sorts of horrible names for pointing this out, but there are some ethical boundaries that should not be crossed, even by the “positive news” columnist.


(Note: Wandsneider’s name was misspelled originally. It has since been corrected, and I apologize for the error. -JW)

(Note 2: The Scrima for Mayor campaign pulled the picture down. We’re going to have a complete photo album of pictures the Scrima campaign has pulled down due to criticism before this election is over. It still doesn’t change that Wandsneider never should have posed for the picture in the first place. – JW 3/5/14 5:36 PM)


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