Monday, May 20th, 2019

A postcard at fifteen


Fifteen years is a long time. As you search through the liberal blogs looking for interesting tidbits about me, some of them will bring up a get-out-the-vote mailing I did fifteen years ago. Five years ago I wrote a blog post about it.

I fought the state elections board to a standstill for four years. I believe I was the last one to settle. Kevin Kennedy (yes, that Kevin Kennedy) told my attorney that I had a chip on my shoulder.

I walked away from that investigation without paying a dime. I was even told by the state elections board that, if I wanted, I could even send out another mailing just like the one they investigated.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week defending my reputation as a writer. Unfortunately that took time away from what I love to do the most and set behind several projects.

Normally my work would speak for itself. However, some people want to directly attack the means that I put food on the table here at the Wigderson Library & Pub by recklessly smearing me any way they can.

Some people just want to keep lowering themselves and their standards in an “any means necessary” political game to silence what they consider to be the opposition. It was that type of smear that was used against me this week.

I even received a note from a prominent national leftwing blogger who told me that several Wisconsin lefties were emailing him asking him to investigate whether I was engaging in disgusting sexual acts with animals. (I told him I’m much better looking than Mickey Kaus.)

Others, or sometimes the same people, just keep dredging up a fifteen-year-old story acting like they just discovered something new about me. They hope that bringing up something that I have never been afraid to bring up myself will somehow make me go away.

Guess what? I’m not going anywhere. Does anyone really believe that someone who stood up to the full might of the state elections board and the Jim Doyle justice department and walked away without paying any fine is suddenly going to start caving in now because some liberal bloggers want to try to trash my reputation with lies?

I haven’t been near a political campaign for years. I have no interest in running for public office. I don’t do this to “play the game” for one side or another. I don’t answer to any political party or any candidate. I’m not trying to get out the vote (aside from an op-ed I wrote about restoring the franchise to felons) or suppress anyone’s vote. My biography is easy to find if anyone is interested.

The only people to whom I have to answer are my wife and kids. Last I checked, they still love me and I love them.

I love writing. I discovered how much I loved writing when I decided to put politics behind me forever. Being a writer is what I want to do. It’s how I think of myself. It is what I am, a writer.

I’m going to keep on writing what I want to write, and I’ll be writing long after they’re all gone.

I almost forgot about this anniversary. For me, 1997 was the year I met my wife, not the year I mailed a bunch of postcards. That anniversary I remember.

I suppose I should thank the liberal blogger who accidentally reminded me of the postcard anniversary. It reminded me that I can take just about anything.


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